Loyalty Lab targets social media engagement

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 18, 2008

Loyalty Lab targets social media engagement

Loyalty Lab has announced a new release of its marketing platform, featuring social media extensions aimed at recognising and responding to customer engagement activities, collecting rich customer data, targeting promotions and engaging best customers.

According to CEO, Mark Goldstein, a brand's best customers are most likely to be those who evangelise and amplify the brand wherever they go, so the fit with social networking is obvious. Consequently, the updated platform makes it easer for brand marketers to help their best customers refer their closest friends.

Social network opportunities The new features allow marketers to take advantage of the many emerging opportunities presented by social networks (such as Facebook, MySpace and other branded networks). The platform allows marketers to record and, if desired, reward a wide range of customer activities beyond simple transactional behaviour. Activities that can be rewarded include:

  • Interacting with social media applications;
  • Recording important dates;
  • Reading or posting to blogs;
  • Referring friends.

Steering the conversation Marketers can also use the system to interact with and react to best customers with various tools for starting and guiding dialogues.

The updated system also features a standalone e-mail package that provides marketers with targeted messaging technology that helps to engage best customers in multi-channel environments, and of course in social networks.

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