Loyalty m-wallet offers instant PoS redemptions

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 30, 2012

Loyalty m-wallet offers instant PoS redemptions

PointsPay, a subsidiary of loyalty technology provider Loylogic, has unveiled its new global mobile phone-based payment system for the loyalty industry, offering consumers the option to use loyalty points and miles as valid currency at almost any point of sale in the world.

By instantly converting miles or points into usable point-of-sale (POS) currency, PointsPay allows members of loyalty programmes to redeem their points or miles at millions of merchants worldwide.

The loyalty industry has always needed more ways to enable quick and easy redemption of loyalty points, but the 'holy grail' has to be a solution that allows immediate redemption at almost any merchant's point of sale.

The patent-pending PointsPay platform provides a mobile wallet that bypasses the need for integration with merchants' POS systems, making points and miles more accessible at every level:

  • For loyalty programmes PointsPay boosts the value of participating programmes' loyalty currencies while driving member engagement to new heights;  
  • For programme members PointsPay empowers members to spend their hard-earned points and miles on anything, anywhere and at any time. For the first time, points and miles truly follow the member, rather than the member seeking out places to redeem them.;  
  • For merchants PointsPay provides unique marketing opportunities, targeting customers with untapped currency in their pockets.

In keeping with PointsPay's mission statement ('Pay with Points and Miles, Anywhere, Anytime'), PointsPay users will be able to shop for everyday purchases in-store or online and pay securely from their mobile phone in whichever currency they choose.

During the platform's launch phase, PointsPay has been made available exclusively to members of the Etihad Guest frequent flyer programme, although Loylogic reports that additional loyalty programmes were already scheduled for integration with the PointsPay platform.

"This facility changes the face of how loyalty programmes offer their members the ability to use their miles or points," concurred Peter Baumgartner, chief commercial officer for Etihad Airways. "Our members can now effectively redeem their Etihad Guest miles to make purchases at more than 30 million points-of-sale worldwide."

"Loylogic has always been keen on solving the most challenging dilemma in the loyalty industry: How can members redeem points and miles easily, securely and wherever they want?", said Dominic Hofer, founder and CEO for Loylogic and PointsPay. "We have found a solution and we are excited to work with our existing and future loyalty programme clients on making their loyalty currencies truly accessible."

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