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Loyalty Marketing's Role During Downturns and Beyond

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 23, 2020

The Wise Marketer had the opportunity to sit down with Lars Holmquist, EVP Americas, Collinson Group, to talk about today's uncertain landscape and loyalty marketing's role to better the circumstances of brands and the customers they serve during these times and beyond.

Lars is a widely known and respected industry veteran, so the discussion covers quite a few interesting topics. We start with an update on his role and mission at Collinson Group and his current work at Valuedynamx. We then discuss some experiences of doing business during COVID-19, and dive into some inspiring examples of how Collinson Group is helping clients navigate this global disruption.

Lars describes how important loyalty marketing's role is during chaotic moments such as we are experiencing in the world today. He also shares some candid insights on what it means to be a leader during a difficult time, and how you can solidify the goodwill of your brand with customers.

In a hurry? These video timestamps will help:

1:20 A bit of loyalty history
2:23 A quick overview of Collinson Group and its mission
4:20 Valuedynamx
7:25 Loyalty marketing's role in a downturn
10:28 Highlighting the shift from in-store to online purchases
12:00 Creating “meaningful” offers
16:10 Loyalty communications & leadership during COVID-19
18:52 A hopeful summary: crises can bring out the best in humanity

A brief overview of Collinson Group

Collinson Group is a global organization focused on helping clients acquire, retain and monetize customers through four specialized areas of delivery: Loyalty, Travel Experiences, Insurance, and Assistance. Collinson works with the world's leading payment networks including MasterCard and American Express, 1400+ banks including UBS and Commonwealth Bank, 90+ airlines including Qatar Airways and Virgin Atlantic, and 20+ hotels including Radisson and InterContinental.

Collinson Valuedynamx is a service that leverages technology to help facilitate the value exchange between programs, customers, and merchants.