Loyalty move by Kmart pharmacies

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 31, 2001

Loyalty move by Kmart pharmacies

Kmart is set to educate its pharmacy customers and build loyalty among them with a personalised, targeted newsletter.

Kmart has signed up to use Catalina Marketing's Health Resource Network in its 1,580+ pharmacy stores US-wide. The Network (now in nearly 19,000 pharmacies) is used to build customers' loyalty at the same time as educating them. It provides a personalised targeted newsletter that is given to patients by pharmacists along with their dispensed medicines. It contains information about the customer's prescription, health articles related to the medication or the condition being treated, and product advertising and promotional messages. The content is updated and changed frequently.

Health Resource is a unit of Health Marketing Services, the healthcare subsidiary of Catalina Marketing. Through it, prescription information is distributed to some 16 million patients each week. Brands that sponsored direct-to-patient advertisements in 2000 achieved an average incremental sales volume increase of 11%, with a competitive return on investment.

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