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Loyalty Newswire – August 8th, 2022

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 8, 2022

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  • GasBuddy celebrates 100 million app downloads with #BetterWithABuddy Gas Giveaway
  • Loylogic and Nescafé Dolce Gusto enter Latin America with the launch of CLUB rewards
  • Vegan fast-casual brand Native Foods releases new mobile app and rewards program on Paytronix platform
  • Charleys Cheesesteaks appoints SOCI to lead localized marketing intiatives
  • Antavo introduces Vivid Citrine product to give customers more freedom and loyalty program managers more control
  • Scuti announces first-ever ad units for game developers dubbed Rewarded Gamified Interstitials, or RoGIs.


Calling All Road Trip Buddies: GasBuddy Celebrates 100M Downloads With $10,000 #BetterWithABuddy Gas Giveaway

Highlight: GasBuddy, a PDI company, is celebrating 100 million app downloads since its launch in 2010. To mark this milestone, the company is giving users the opportunity to celebrate their lifelong road trip "buddies" and collectively win $10,000 in free gas. Because road trips are #BetterWithABuddy. “With recent events like spiking gas prices causing app downloads to skyrocket, the real-time information and savings GasBuddy provides to American drivers has never been more important,” said Mark Coffey, senior vice president and general manager for GasBuddy. “Our GasBuddies make us better, in fact, we couldn't offer the gas savings that we do without them. So, we wanted to find a way to thank our community and recognize that everything is #BetterWithABuddy.”

Loylogic and Nescafé Dolce Gusto Enter Latin America With New Rewards Program Club, Continuing Global Expansion

Highlight: CLUB is an extension of Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Loylogic’s existing rewards program PREMIO, which launched in Europe in 2018 and has since expanded into Asia, covering a total of 12 markets and fuelling Nescafé Dolce Gusto’s mission to build a global coffee community. As the model continues to grow, it is set to engage up to 4m active members across markets by 2025. Gabi Kool, Chief Commercial Officer at Loylogic, commented: “We’re on an exciting journey with Nescafé Dolce Gusto, with the launch of CLUB in Brazil being our latest milestone. The program, under the name PREMIO or CLUB depending on language and local market, is truly global – and we’re proud to power it through our Pointshub platform. Offering short term rewards functions, the program provides a lucrative route to drive loyalty quickly."

Native Foods Launches New Mobile App and Rewards with Paytronix

Highlight: The new Native Foods app allows guests to place orders for takeout or delivery — with the same menu-item pricing as dine-in, lower than what you’ll find on the delivery apps. Members of the Native Foodie Rewards program can use the app to earn and redeem rewards, receive gifts and special offers, and be the first to know about new menu items and limited-time offers... “Native Foods is a great example of what we see happening across the industry. With a third of food orders coming in digitally, brands must create engaging, branded, digital experiences that keep customers coming back,” said Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins. “What’s more, both the digital and physical experiences connect brands to the loyalty programs that drive results. Loyalty programs consistently boost visits and spend by between 18% and 30%.”


Charleys Cheesesteaks Appoints SOCi as Platform of Record, Takes Control of Localized Social Marketing Efforts

Highlight: Charleys needed an easy-to-use social media management solution with superior customer support that enabled the company to post and promote content to more than 600 local Facebook pages while still prioritizing daily business functions. SOCi's Social, Ads PLUS, and Boost PLUS tools have allowed the Charleys team to increase its average weekly Facebook page reach over 27% with a 255% increase in local Facebook page reach year-over-year. "Charleys has been undergoing a lot of transformation over the past two years which will lead us into an exciting future, but with growth comes the need to work smarter with our budgets," said Brian Hipsher, CMO of Charleys. "With the SOCi platform, our team has been able to save time on digital marketing efforts while still seeing impactful results, allowing us to get the most out of our investment; the SOCi team truly has our back."


Antavo Announces Vivid Citrine Product Release, Giving Customers More Freedom and Loyalty Program Managers More Control

Highlight: Antavo introduces its Q2 2022 product release, entitled Vivid Citrine, in a launch video and detailed product release document. The new features focus on giving customers new ways to experience loyalty programs, while giving managers and administrators additional control... “Reducing complexity for customers increases transparency and engagement, speeds up new campaign rollouts and simplifies ongoing management. The only potential issue is that, with broad rules, it’s harder to stay within your budget. That’s why we’ve introduced tools — and will keep doing so — to help you maintain full control.” – Viktor Fasi, Head of Product at Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud.


Scuti Launches First Ever Gamified Ad Units for Video Games

Highlight: The team that built Massive Inc. and pioneered in-game advertising almost 20 years ago has led the creation of Scuti's RoGIs with input and guidance from the executives behind some of the biggest games on the planet including Fortnite, HALO and World of Warcraft. Today, gaming is a global community of 3.2 billion people, including 80% of Gen Z and millennials and 75% of all US households. Mobile games are a growing sector in the games industry and reach players with more than $5 trillion in buying power. Scuti's platform offers brands and game makers a new vehicle for building loyalty with this audience. "For our global brand clients, Scuti stands out with its gCommerce platform," said Andrew Backs, CEO and Founder of Pilot44, a global digital innovation agency. "With the addition of RoGIs, brands can have further positive impact on game play. Players seek out rewards and accomplishments from their games and now brands can reward play with the payoff of access, engagement and sales."

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