Loyalty Newswire - December 16th, 2019

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 16, 2019

Here's what we're following: Newegg to launch new loyalty program, 7Rewards passes 25m members, ExtraMile partners with KickBack Rewards, Caribou Coffee's revamped loyalty program credits its data-driven approach, packaging doesn't have to be the enemy, India paves its own path on data privacy, wearable tech is reshaping retail, a prediction of mobile trends, mobile advertising spend is huge, Canadian Transportation Agency sets new rules, and more ...

Loyalty Program Announcements

Newegg is killing its Premier shipping membership, new ‘loyalty program’ coming

Quotable: “"Newegg is canceling the Premier membership and neither accepting new members nor renewals. However, we will be launching a completely new loyalty program we think will benefit more of our shoppers in the coming months, so stay tuned!" Newegg says."

7Rewards® Loyalty Program Crosses 25 Million Member Mark

Quotable: “Since expanding its 7Rewards loyalty program two years ago, 7-Eleven, Inc. has seen membership in the app-based platform almost triple (278 percent) from 9 million to 25 million members. This explosive membership growth has translated to increased store visits and a larger, more loyal customer base for the world's largest convenience retailer.”

ExtraMile Partners With KRS to Enhance Rewards Programs

Quotable: “ExtraMile Convenience Stores announced a new partnership with loyalty and data services company KickBack Rewards Systems (KRS) to enhance the ExtraMile “Extras” rewards program. The companies will begin rolling out the integrated and updated solution at select sites in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Nevada this month.”

Loyalty Strategy

Caribou Coffee boosts ROI with revamped loyalty program

Quotable: “Caribou's revamped loyalty program benefited from a data-driven approach aimed at reaching customers on their mobile devices, and letting them track rewards points earned with repeat visits. Caribou previously operated a "surprise and delight" loyalty program that hindered segmentation and promotional execution, per Paytronix.”

3 ways brands ditching plastic can level-up packaging to drive consumer loyalty & engagement

Quotable: “Packaging doesn’t need to be the enemy of food and beverage brands striving to meet ambitious self-set goals to reduce plastic by fast-approaching deadlines, argues an associate analyst with the global food and agriculture bank Rabobank.”

Data Privacy

Data privacy predictions for 2020: Six industry experts have their say

Quotable: “While regulations like Europe’s GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have already been established, we will continue to see new regulatory developments surrounding data privacy through 2020 and beyond. Although these regulations have their inherent differences, the general scope of data privacy laws is to give consumers the right to know how and what type of personally identifiable information (PII) is collected ...”

On Data Privacy, India Charts Its Own Path

Quotable: “The legislation, which is set to be introduced in Parliament this week after more than a year of discussion, builds on Europe’s recently enacted privacy protections that gave residents there the ability to request and better control their online data. But lawyers said the bill would also move India closer to China, where the internet is tightly overseen by the government.”


Why do so many people say ‘no’ to retailer loyalty programs?

Quotable: “A full 38 percent of consumers are not interested in joining loyalty programs due to their lack of perceived value, according to a study conducted by CFI Group and Radial. The study suggests that to get hesitant customers on board, retailers should offer faster delivery, personalized customer service options and more flexible returns.”

6 Ways Wearable Tech Is Reshaping Retail

Quotable: “Wearable technology goes beyond the Apple Watch. From “smart” rings and bracelets to body-mounted sensors, AR headsets, and clothing designed for health monitoring, connected devices are continuing to integrate more deeply into consumers’ everyday lives. As that integration deepens, retailers are finding new opportunities to capitalize on the possibilities and engage shoppers in innovative ways.”


Twenty mobile trends for 2020

Quotable: “Forrester no longer publishes dedicated "mobile" predictions. Why? Because mobile has simply become a key driver and enabler of business transformation. Mobile is embedded everywhere. However, many brands wrongly think they have ticked the mobile box and move on to new and more disrupting technologies.”

Why Florida fast casual brand doubled down on mobile marketing

Quotable: “"With research predicting that by the end of 2019, mobile advertising will account for 72% of all U.S. digital ad spending, those restaurants that increase their digital promotion spending — particularly mobile — have the opportunity to set themselves apart and grow their market share with these audiences," Papows said.”


New airline rules kick in before busy holiday season

Quotable: “Now, airlines need to pay their passengers compensation when flight delays or cancellations are in their control and not related to safety. For large airlines, responsible for the vast majority of flights in Canada, passengers delayed three to six hours are entitled to $400. That figure is boosted to $700 for six to nine hour delays, and $1,000 for delays of nine hours or later. Smaller airlines must also compensate travellers, but at lesser amounts.”

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