Loyalty Newswire - December 23rd, 2019

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 23, 2019

Here's what we're following this week: Cubic Transportation launches loyalty program for transit agencies, UAE retailer Jumbo partners with Loylogic's PointsPay, KDDI and Lawson convenience stores combine their reward programs, Google to revamp Patch Rewards in 2020, McDonald's selects Adyen's mobile payments platform for its UK stores, Mastercard launches Europe's first fully digital gift card, Blockchain could solve fast-fashion's sustainability issues, Dill & Parsley restaurants integrate digital loyalty into new mobile ordering platform, Rite Aid plans to launch enhanced online and mobile solution, and AutoZone has agreed to settle over changes to its loyalty program for $50 million!

Loyalty Program Announcements

Cubic to Launch First-of-its-Kind Loyalty-Based Advertising Service for Transit Agencies

Quotable: “By offering personalized ads within a transit agency’s mobile traveler app or through out-of-home ads, Cubic Interactive gives brands the opportunity to engage with audiences through channels that go beyond traditional mass retailer or national advertising – driving commerce, loyalty and brand awareness on the go. Travelers can engage with advertising content from brands and earn loyalty points that can then be turned into transit value and used to pay for transit or redeemed for various in-app offers.”

UAE Retailer Jumbo Partners With Fintech Company PointsPay on Unique Loyalty Program

Quotable: “Aileen Parsons, Head of PointsPay at Loylogic, explained the collaboration by saying, "We're ecstatic to join Jumbo on their journey and enable them to connect experiences with loyalty members around the world through our innovative PointsPay solution. Loyalty program members are always seeking new ways to redeem or collect more miles and points. Providing more choice through PointsPay positively impacts engagement, brand loyalty and boosts points sales for programs while driving a completely new customer base to merchants like Jumbo."”

Carrier KDDI and convenience store Lawson Combine Customer Loyalty Programs

Quotable: “The partnership will combine KDDI’s 5G technologies and Lawson’s network of stores, along with both companies’ fledgling payment and loyalty systems, they said. KDDI’s investment would be worth more than ¥13 billion based on Lawson’s last closing price.”

Google to revamp Patch Rewards program in 2020

Quotable: “The Patch Rewards program is one of Google's oldest security-minded projects. It was started in October 2013, when Google announced it would provide financial aid to open-source projects if they implemented security features.”


Adyen announces international mobile app payments agreement with McDonald’s

Quotable: “Adyen’s single platform brings simplicity and scalability through one integration so food and beverage brands have a consistent customer experience everywhere they operate. In addition to making it easier to add new stores, markets, or regions, Adyen offers support for preferred payment methods as well a single data view and customer insights.”

Mastercard launches Europe's first ever fully digital gift card in time for Christmas

Quotable: “Revolutionising a prepaid gifting industry that was previously weighed down by postage fees and high physical production and distribution costs, the gift card functions as a secure prepaid Mastercard once activated by the recipient. By enabling the recipient to check their balances at any time, the gift card also removes the age-old problem of people forgetting which gift cards they’ve used or what balance they have remaining.”


How Blockchain Can Solve Retail’s Sustainability Problem

Quotable: “The fast-fashion sector has been a main contributor to the problem. With companies churning out more clothing on a faster production cycle, the fashion world now produces 150 billion garments per year. Without foresight into demand, many organizations end up overproducing, resulting in 30 percent of items going unsold and 12.8 million tons sent to landfills.”


Dill & Parsley launches digital loyalty and mobile ordering

Quotable: “"We made a significant investment in order to keep up with consumer's ever-evolving restaurant tech expectations," Balahan Bobus, founder of Dill & Parsley, said in a company release. "Our enhanced online ordering system will integrate seamlessly with a robust digital loyalty program that puts us on the same playing field as the large chains."”

Rite Aid to Launch New Online and Mobile Solution

Quotable: “Rite Aid plans to differentiate its stores in the months and years to come, including reimagining its drive-throughs, enhancing its delivery services and introducing new pickup experiences like pay-and-go and buy-online-pickup-in-store.”


AutoZone to Pay Almost $50 Million Over Changes to Loyalty Program

Quotable: “Without a full record or a decision in this case, it’s hard to say if AutoZone could have done anything differently to avoid this result. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that companies frequently face complaints when they make changes to loyalty programs that adversely affect members. There are a number of steps that companies can take ...”

The Loyalty Newswire is compiled and edited by the staff at The Wise Marketer.