Loyalty Newswire - December 9th, 2019

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 9, 2019

Here's what we're following: Jimmy John's rolls out Freaky Fast Rewards nationwide, Resideo announces new digital experience, My Best Buy program no longer offers points on Apple or Beats products, Salesforce employee credits success to customer loyalty, Crypto platforms think they can help loyalty, Boot Barn enhances in-store digital kiosks, Dave & Buster's releases first-ever mobile NFC tap-to-play experience, FMCG companies struggle to adapt, and the new Qantas partnership with Air France unlocks opportunity ...

Loyalty Program Announcements

Jimmy John’s Rolling Loyalty Program Nationwide

Quotable: “Jimmy John’s, one of America’s fastest-growing sandwich chains, announced Monday that its first customer-loyalty program—Freaky Fast Rewards—is now available nationwide. For signing up, Jimmy John’s is offering all new Freaky Fast Rewards members a free 8-inch sandwich after their first order. Leading up to today’s national rollout, more than 1.8 million members have already signed up for Freaky Fast Rewards...”

Resideo Stages Home App, Loyalty Program Unveiling at Austin City Limits

Quotable: “A new training and loyalty program called Resideo Pro PERKS launches in January 2020. Through the Pro PERKS program, pros and distributors will be able to access a tiered system of benefits, including strategic partnerships with other pros in Resideo’s network to take advantage of new business opportunities across the homes’ critical networks, new marketing tools to sell smart home solutions, and new video courses to become experts on the latest technologies.”

Loyalty Strategy

PSA: Best Buy's Rewards Program No Longer Offers Points on Apple Products

Quotable: “As noted on Reddit, Best Buy recently updated the terms of its My Best Buy rewards program to indicate that Apple and Beats products are no longer eligible to receive points unless they are purchased with a Best Buy credit card.”

Culture and customer loyalty: A Salesforce.com insider shares secrets to software success

Quotable: “The focus was always on the customer, it wasn't on sales. Since we were a subscription business, we had to work all the time to get renewed. In the early days, somebody could just turn off Salesforce right away and go to something else (even though it wasn't practical to do that). So, the culture internally made us empathetic to the customers, the consumers.”


Can Crypto Platforms Help Loyalty Schemes in Shops Make a Comeback?

Quotable: “For many crypto-based loyalty scheme providers, it’s also about placing the power back in the hands of consumers. Attitudes are beginning to change. Back in the day, it used to be the case that points accrued from a coffee shop would have to be spent at that same chain. But now, multiple brands are coming together under one roof — enabling them to attract a wider audience and welcome shoppers through their doors who may not have made a purchase before.”


Boot Barn saddles up kiosks for inventory visibility

Quotable: “According to Boot Barn, customers are spending 25% more time discovering the retailer’s inventory of products on the kiosk’s screens. In addition to streamlining the sales process for store associates, the kiosk has become a digital hub for all of Boot Barn’s digital customer experiences. Beyond locating products, Boot Barn also leverages the kiosks for employee training, endless aisle browsing, buy-online-return-in-store implementation, loyalty programs, and brand advertisements.”

In Retail, Consumer Experience Is The New Location, Location, Location

Quotable: “Consumers are shifting behavior to invest both time and money in more meaningful experiences and letting digital tools do the heavy lifting on necessities. Stores that facilitate these new behaviors are winning. With that taken care of, consumers have increased bandwidth to consider and engage in higher-level thinking about what matters to them and why they are spending.”

Loyalty Education (The Loyalty Academy)

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Dave & Buster's debuts mobile guest engagement commerce app

Quotable: “Dave & Buster's is launching a guest engagement app experience that lets guests tap their smartphones on games, provides instant reloading capability for Power Card users, and includes a rewards program. The brand said that it is North America's first-ever mobile NFC tap-to-play experience and is available to Android and Apple device users, including the Apple Watch.”

Growing Houston startup is digitizing the dining experience

Quotable: “What separates Roovy from other processors, though, is more than just the disruption of bulky hardware, printers and other equipment that can be very expensive for the operator. It's the ability to maximize sales through convenience. Case in point: in a busy restaurant, customers who have finished their meal, but possibly have cravings for another drink or a dessert might choose to eschew the urge based on the availability of their wait staff or the line at the bar.”


Incumbent FMCG Manufacturers Must Solve the Customer Data Riddle

Quotable: “After decades of unstoppable growth, many incumbent fast-moving-consumer-goods (FCMG) manufacturers are struggling to adapt to a new reality. Previously successful business models are being threatened in the present environment of drastic transformation. The glory days of fast growth are fading. Could loyalty programs be the foundation of future success?”


New Qantas deal with Air France, KLM unlocks 'hundreds of thousands' of reward seats for frequent flyers

Quotable: “Flights on Air France and Dutch airline KLM have been opened up for Qantas members to redeem frequent flyer points, making more than 60 new European and African destinations available for points redemptions. The announcement comes after the airline promised in June to add one million extra rewards seats to cater for casual members who were complaining of the difficulty of cashing in their frequent flyer points.”

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