Loyalty Newswire – January 20th, 2020

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 20, 2020

Here’s what we’re following in loyalty news this week: AMC launches Saudi Arabia's first cinema loyalty program, new Pak Perks loyalty program utilizes ZipLine's platform, top online casinos enable players to earn loyalty points, Shell launches in-car payment system for fuel and services, Amazon envisions payments with the wave of a hand, mobile payments surge as Chinese New Year approaches, Sacramento Kings launch NBA's first live blockchain-powered auction platform, automated retail technology continues to proliferate, Sephora launches world's largest retail location in Malaysia, noteworthy highlights from NRF 2020, and what does Delta's successful year reveal about the U.S. airline industry?


AMC launches Saudi Arabia’s first cinema loyalty program

Quotable: “The loyalty program, AMC Da’era, is a first-of-its-kind experience that has been built specifically for the Saudi cinema goer. The app is designed to offer a personalized experience for each guest. With points being earned for every single riyal spent in AMC Cinemas, members keep ascending through each of the tiers by moving from Inner Circle to Select Circle and finally Elite Circle.”

Pak-A-Sak Introduces the 'Pak Perks' Loyalty Program

Quotable: “Pak Perks include "surprise and delight" offers; coffee and fountain clubs; and fuel discounts. Customers can stack their discounts with other incentives, such as a carwash rollback, Pak Pay Daily for a fuel rollback or Pak Pay Tuesday for an extra fuel discount. ZipLine — which helps retailers build consumer loyalty and market share with custom debit payment, rewards and gift card programs — provided brand strategy for the new program.”


Quotable: “That’s right; some of the biggest casino companies in America run legal online casinos in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where you can earn the same loyalty club points, credits and comps you do at the organization’s brick-and-mortar casinos. Here’s a look at the top three land-based casino loyalty programs in the US that let you earn online ...”


Shell Launches In-Car Payment in U.S.

Quotable: “Customers can use Uconnect Market in their vehicle to locate nearby Shell stations and navigate to the closest one, then securely authorize a fueling charge through the in-vehicle payment system before fueling their vehicle. This is accomplished without consumers needing to swipe a credit card or use a mobile phone to pay.”

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Amazon Wants Shoppers to Pay With a Wave of the Hand, Dow Reports

Quotable: “Amazon.com Inc. is planning to create terminals which would allow customers to make payments in-store with a wave of the hand ... The company plans to pitch the terminals to coffee shops, fast-food restaurants and other merchants and has recently began working with Visa Inc., according to the report. Amazon is also in discussions with Mastercard Inc., and several card issuers have expressed interest in the project, including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo & Co.”

How Alibaba and Tencent Brought Mobile Payments to Chinese New Year

Quotable: “Next Saturday, China’s Lunar New Year takes place. And throughout the week, billions of dollars will be exchanged between consumers’ smartphones. Gifting money to friends and families in “red envelopes”—hongbao in Chinese—has long been a holiday tradition. In recent years, the practice has shifted online, thanks to burgeoning mobile payment platforms that fight fiercely to attract new users.”


Sacramento Kings Launch League's First Live Blockchain-Powered Auction Platform for Authentic Memorabilia with Consensys and Treum

Quotable: “Today, the Sacramento Kings, in collaboration with ConsenSys​, a blockchain software development firm, announced a new auction platform that facilitates live bidding on in-game sports gear using Treum, a ConsenSys-backed supply chain product. By using this platform, every auctioned item will be authenticated, and a transparent audit trail of product history will be established, so fans will be assured that each piece of gear is authentic.”


Local company cashing in on automated retail technology

Quotable: “The business has three distinct segments that they focus on: automated retail, inventory control and event machines. Beyond automated retail, companies also use the technology for inventory control – utilizing the machines to dispense controlled items in warehouse locations, so that they can keep track of items more easily.”

Sephora launches its world's largest store in Malaysia. It's a two-story building

Quotable: “The store sells around 10,000 products from some 100 brands. Good luck in making decisions in this store because you'll be spoiled for choice. But, that's not all. The megastore will also come with a photography studio, a private event lounge, and Sephora's first Beauty Loft in the Southeast Asian region. What's a Beauty Loft? It's a private area for those who have the Gold membership for Sephora’s Beauty Pass loyalty program.”

NRF 2020: What Retailers Need to Know

Quotable: “The National Retail Federation’s annual convention and expo was held in New York City last week, and had almost 40,000 attendees, with hundreds of exhibitors, speakers and sessions. The industry continues to invest heavily in technology innovation, supply chain and fulfillment solutions, and engaging physical store experiences ... Here are some key areas that retailers should pay extra attention to this year.”


Here's what Delta's incredible year reveals about the US airline industry

Quotable: “While Delta's major domestic competitors — American, United, and Southwest — all faced growth and capacity challenges due to the grounding of their Boeing 737 Max fleets, Delta, which has not purchased any of the planes, was able to achieve 7.5% revenue growth ... That's also good news for employees — Delta is planning to pay out a record $1.6 billion in profit-sharing funds to its 90,000 workers.”

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