Loyalty Newswire – January 31st, 2022

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Posted on January 31, 2022

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Giant Eagle Personalizes Loyalty Program

Highlight: Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle Inc. has signed a multi-year agreement to use the Eagle Eye AIR intelligent digital marketing platform. Giant Eagle seeks to facilitate a personalized loyalty platform, at scale. The grocer also intends to leverage the Eagle Eye AIR platform to enable the end-to-end management of real-time personalized promotions, enabling the retailer to continue to upgrade its in-store customer experience and shift away from traditionally paper-based promotional activity… “We're excited to partner with Eagle Eye to advance and accelerate our efforts to bring our customers the most personalized and rewarding loyalty platform in North America,” said Justin Weinstein, VP of customer experience at Giant Eagle.

Rib & Chop House Elevates the Loyalty Program: Royalty Card Takes Rocky Mountain Hospitality to the Next Level

Highlight: Available now, the $600 Royalty Card is a truly astounding offer, providing not only its equal value in gift cards, but also a 10% discount on food, liquor, beer and wine. Even better, it guarantees enrollees priority waitlist status, ensuring the first available table is theirs when they arrive. There are a limited number of memberships at each restaurant, making the offer even more appealing… “Earlier this year we tested the Royalty Card at two Rib & Chop House locations, and it was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from our guests,” said Yaron Goldman, CEO of Finally Restaurant Group. “No waiting in line, coupled with a 10% discount on food, liquor, beer & wine is something everyone can benefit from. From steak-and-wine lovers, to families looking to enjoy a relaxing meal together, the Royalty Card has broad appeal.”


Ralph Lauren turns to Franklin Venture Partners for tech investment strategy

Highlight: Ralph Lauren on Monday announced a strategic limited partnership with Franklin Venture Partners, a team at investment firm Franklin Templeton oriented toward Silicon Valley and “focused on mid- and late-stage private companies,” according to an emailed press release… Ralph Lauren's focus will be on consumer technologies, in the broadest sense, a Ralph Lauren spokesperson said by email. Given the mounting interest in the metaverse, and Ralph Lauren's own investment in it already, platforms offering virtual customer experiences are likely a target.

Pure Culture Beauty Announces Nationwide Retail Partnership

Highlight: Today, Pure Culture Beauty, a skincare brand that is revolutionizing the beauty industry by providing scientifically proven custom skincare solutions to all consumers, enters a retail partnership with Target in over 1,700 stores and online. Pure Culture believes omnichannel retail is the key to a successful brand and this launch supports that belief by creating a successful, scalable retail model for customized products… “Our products are customized in a way that previously didn’t exist in skincare, and, with this launch, Pure Culture will be the only brand bringing truly customized offerings to the omnichannel market in the U.S.” said Joy Chen, co-founder and CEO.


Entries to the International Loyalty Awards 2022 Are Now Open

Highlight: The Loyalty Magazine Awards has rebranded for 2022 as the International Loyalty Awards in recognition of its global scope and stature as the most influential awards event in the customer loyalty industry. The International Loyalty Awards celebrate the world’s most innovative and memorable loyalty initiatives from across six continents. The awards recognise brands that are building lasting and profitable customer relationships and bring together the global leaders of loyalty, to celebrate innovation, creativity, and sheer brilliance. The Wise Marketer is a media partner for this event and Managing Editor Bill Hanifin will be participating as a judge for the competition. Entries are open and we encourage submissions as quickly as possible, submitted here. The closing date for entries is 14 February 2022 a mere 8 weeks away!


Venmo, PayPal, Cash App must report $600+ in business transactions to IRS

Highlight: As of Jan. 1, mobile payment apps like Venmo, PayPal and Cash App are required to report commercial transactions totaling more than $600 per year to the Internal Revenue Service. Previously, these mobile payment apps only had to tell the tax authorities when a person had over 200 commercial transactions per year that exceeded $20,000 in total value, the IRS said… The tax-reporting change only applies to charges for commercial goods or services, not personal charges to friends and family, like splitting a dinner bill. In an explanatory document on the new tax changes, the IRS said these changes also apply to people who sell items on internet auction sites like eBay and people who “have a holiday craft business” so long as they accept credit card payments through these apps.


On Data Privacy Day, Attorney General Bonta Puts Businesses Operating Loyalty Programs on Notice for Violations of California Consumer Privacy Act

Highlight: California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced an investigative sweep of a number of businesses operating loyalty programs in California and sent notices alleging noncompliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)… Letters were sent today to major corporations in the retail, home improvement, travel, and food services industries, who have 30 days to cure and come into compliance with the law. “In the digital age, it’s easy to forget that our data isn’t only collected when we go online. It's collected when we enter our phone number for a discount at the supermarket; when we use rewards for a free coffee at our local coffee shop; and when we earn points to purchase items at our favorite clothing store,” said Attorney General Bonta.


United Airlines has an answer to the pilot shortage: Its own flight school

Highlight: The United Aviate Academy officially opened Thursday outside Phoenix, putting the school's first class of about 60 students on a streamlined path to a new career. United says its in-house flight training operation is the first for any major airline in the United States. Consulting firm Oliver Wyman says airlines worldwide need an estimated 34,000 new pilots by 2025 to meet growing demand and keep up with retirements, and United CEO Scott Kirby said the traditional models are not adequately feeding the demand. “The pilot shortage is real, but it's really real at the regional airlines,” Kirby told CNN. “If it's a crisis, it's a crisis for small communities.”

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