Loyalty Newswire – July 13th, 2020

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 13, 2020

Enjoy this week's list of curated news:

  • Pilot extends its Push4Points rewards program through September
  • Walmart's Amazon Prime competitor set to launch in July
  • Check out Taco Bell's approach to creating loyalty while boosting user security
  • AEP and SIA rolled out contactless payments for public transit in Italy
  • VizyPay launches a customer loyalty program plus online ordering system
  • Employee Experience is the new customer experience
  • COVID-19's impact on retail may be worse than the Great Recession
  • Air Miles and Shell Canada launch Shell GO+


Pilot Flying J Extends Push4Points Rewards Program

Quotable: “Since its launch in April, Push4Points has helped professional drivers save money in-stores by earning more points on diesel fuel purchases each month — up to four reward points per gallon. Professional drivers can activate now in the Pilot Flying J app to reach maximum earnings for the month after just six fills. These points can be used at Pilot and Flying J travel centers to save on food, beverages and other in-store items.”

Walmart’s Amazon Prime competitor will launch in July

Quotable: “Walmart plans to launch a new subscription service later this month called Walmart+ that will cost $98 a year. It will include perks like same-day delivery of groceries and general merchandise, discounts on fuel at Walmart gas stations, and early access to product deals, multiple sources told Recode.”

Taco Bell’s Approach To Fostering Customer Loyalty And Fighting Fraud

Quotable: “Customer loyalty is an extremely important driver of QSR sales, but it has never been more important than it is now. QSRs cannot currently rely on customers to stop at their restaurants in the spur of the moment as stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines mean dining rooms are generally no longer spots for spontaneous meals. QSRs must, therefore, count on consumers making conscious decisions to purchase food from their restaurants, which requires customer loyalty.”


AEP, SIA roll out contactless public transit in Turin, Italy

Quotable: “The system is based on the infrastructure of AEP and SIA that allows users to pay for public transport services by simply bringing their card close to the Gruppo Torinese Trasporti terminals while also benefiting from the best available travel tariff based on the number of journeys made. The features supporting the development of Smart Mobility permit immediate purchase of the ticket as well as management, authorization, accounting and reporting of payment transactions.”

VizyPay Launches RUSH Loyalty Program to Target New Customers, Gain Repeat Business

Quotable: “VizyPay, a leading player in the payment processing industry, recently launched its first customer loyalty program and online ordering system. The company named it RUSH, and the solution is available immediately for businesses. The coronavirus pandemic has hit 80% of small businesses. Most businesses have been experiencing supply chain disruption, an increase in supply cost, and lower demand for products/services now.”


Prose offers membership to differentiate among personalized beauty brands

Quotable: “Dubbed The Prose Salon, the membership is free for customers who sign up for the subscription and provides shoppers a 15% discount off full-price products. Membership features include a free, 15-minute virtual appointment with Prose hair-care consultants for discussions around products and routines, early access to soon-to-launch products, a free Prose product after every 10th purchase, a Prose magazine subscription and access to a wellness podcast. Membership is not an added revenue stream, and the hope is it will drive stronger customer loyalty, said Arnaud Plas, Prose CEO and co-founder. However, Plas said that he does not consider Prose’s membership to be a traditional loyalty program because the emphasis is on services, not transactional value.”

Employee Experience Is The New Customer Experience: Five Ways To Boost The Employee Experience Within Your Company

Quotable: “A question often heard from CFOs to CEOs illustrates the mindset of the ROI when it comes to employees: "What if we invest in our employees and then they leave?"But the bigger question here is: What happens if you don't and they stay?”


COVID-19's Impact on Worldwide Retail Will Be Worse than the Great Recession

Quotable: “Total retail sales worldwide are expected to hit $23.358 trillion in 2020, down 5.7% from 2019—and nearly 12% below our pre-pandemic estimate of $26.459 trillion.The magnitude of the downturn and pace of recovery will be harder on the retail market than the Great Recession. For context, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that worldwide GDP growth will contract 3% this year, compared with the 0.1% decline in 2009.”


AIR MILES® and Shell Canada launch Shell Go+ to all Collectors, giving them more ways to get rewarded Français

Quotable: “Today, the AIR MILES® Reward Program along with Shell Canada, a Partner of AIR MILES for more than 27 years, introduced Shell Go+ to all Collectors, providing access to a full suite of member benefits. Shell is offering all AIR MILES Collectors membership in Shell Go+ for the remainder of 2020. This will give each Collector access to everyday benefits along with special bonus offers and experiences.”

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