Loyalty Newswire – March 30th, 2020

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is in full force and many brands are scrambling to manage the impact to their businesses. It's in times like this brands that have built truly loyal customer bases will be rewarded for their efforts and will be better positioned to withstand the storm. Brands should lean on their loyal customers and personalize their outreach to them for support — it's their best bet. And as we do every Monday, here's our curated list of loyalty-related news to make life a little easier:

  • Church members use Chick-fil-A rewards to thank COVID-19 health workers
  • Red Roof launched the Student Support Program to find misplaced college students a place to stay
  • Hilton extends benefits and halts point expiration in light of coronavirus epidemic
  • Ruth Chris taps Paytronix Rapid Launch Order and Delivery service to keep its doors open
  • Liquid Barcodes releases 'pre-order and pre-pay' solution that can be deployed within a week
  • Mobivity to provide clients mobile and receipt employee messaging programs at no additional cost
  • Neiman Marcus and Joann Stores partner to create medical supplies
  • Taubman Centers, the nation's second largest mall chain, asks tenants to pay despite COVID-related closures.
  • And a comprehensive list on which airlines and routes are still operating


Church members use Chick-fil-A rewards to feed, and thank health professionals

Quotable: “It started with just a handful of people at Revolution Church, but when the call went out over social media, the community responded. If you eat Chick-fil-a and use their app, you know that you collect points, and those points are going a long way to thank teams of doctors and nurses on the front lines of this.”


Red Roof® Launches Student Support Program, Offering Discounts to Help College Students Across the Nation Find Alternative Housing

Quotable: “Mandated closings of schools across the country have left many with nowhere to go, as student housing and meal plans are suspended. Many students are in limbo and not able to return home due to travel restrictions and personal and professional obligations. With many hotels close to college campuses, Red Roof has launched the Student Support Program to help students who can't get home find stability and an immediate place to stay.”

Hilton is Extending Point, Reward Night, and Elite Status Expiration as Coronavirus Halts Travel (Video)

Quotable: “Customers who spent enough time and money at Hilton properties in 2019 to earn elite status for 2020 will have their benefits extended a full two years until March 31, 2022. That’s a pretty generous policy and means travelers won’t have to worry about qualifying activity in 2020 to retain status in 2021. But Hilton is going above and beyond even that. Folks who enjoyed Silver, Gold, or Diamond elite status in 2019 will retain their status for another year until March 31, 2021, even if they were going to be downgraded or dropped altogether in 2020.”


Rapid Launch Order and Delivery Helps a Ruth’s Chris Franchise Keep the Kitchens Open

Quotable: “When the COVID-19 pandemic forced Prime Hospitality Group of Indianapolis to close its dining rooms, the leadership team needed to maintain a source of revenue to help keep its 750 employees safe, fed and part of the team. That’s a key reason why they signed with Paytronix to offer order and delivery through the rapid response offering that launched last week. In just a few days, Prime was able to get delivery up and running at its flagship location in Northside Indianapolis and keep serving guests.”

Liquid Barcodes Releases Technology Solution for Immediate Social Distancing for Convenience Retailers

Quotable: “To assist retailers, Liquid Barcodes has released a 'pre-order and pre-pay' solution that can be deployed within a week for most retailers ... This allows staff to ensure the order is prepared and ready to be simply picked up in store, or brought to their car while waiting in the parking lot, or when filling up the car with fuel. The “order and pay” solution is extremely easy to use and ensures that minimal human contact is needed.”


Mobivity to provide mobile and receipt employee messaging programs

Quotable: “Mobile messaging provider Mobivity announced that it would provide its clients mobile and receipt employee messaging programs AT NO CHARGE throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Mobivity CEO Dennis Becker commented “Communication is key in these trying times and I'm very proud of how our team at Mobivity is coming up with a variety of solutions to help. Additional strategies to help business respond "nimbly and proactively" to the Coronavirus outbreak can be found here.”


Neiman Marcus partners with Joann Stores to sew masks, gowns and scrubs

Quotable: “The two retailers are donating their employees’ time and materials to make nonsurgical masks, gowns and scrubs starting Wednesday. The work is happening at Neiman Marcus alterations facilities in California, New Jersey and Florida. The first shipment will go out to health care providers later this week. Both companies are covering their costs, said John Walls, spokesman for Dallas-based Neiman Marcus.”

Mall Owner Taubman Centers Tells Retail Tenants They Must Pay Rent Despite Coronavirus-Related Closures

Quotable: “Tenants must continue to pay rent amid the coronavirus pandemic, Taubman Centers told retailers in a March 25 memo. The mall giant said in the letter that it “naturally had numerous inquiries” from tenants regarding whether they had to continue to pay rent and other charges. In response, it issued a memo informing tenants these obligations remain.”


COVID-19: Comprehensive List of Airlines and Routes that are still operating

Quotable: “The coronavirus is spreading at unprecedented speed across the world, reaching over 660,000 cases at the time of writing. The airline industry has been one of the industries most impacted. Tens of airlines across the world are suspending operations, while tens of thousands of aircraft are now grounded. This article will provide you with the most comprehensive information on which airlines are still operating. More importantly, we will let you know which routes of these airlines are still operating.”

The Loyalty Newswire is compiled and edited by the staff at The Wise Marketer.