Loyalty Newswire - May 13, 2019

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 13, 2019

In this Loyalty News we look at consumer psychology from 3 different angles, consumer data strategies from 4 different angles, QANTAS designates a “points-only” plane, Delta’s heart just grew 10x bigger, and Belfast launches city-wide loyalty. Here is what we’re following in loyalty news …


Positive Memories: The Shortcut to Customer Loyalty

Quotable: “Both long-term loyalty and memorability are built through experiences that drive positive emotions — even when that long-term loyalty is misplaced or fundamentally irrational. In fact, my company Clicktale’s research with data professionals suggests that as many as three quarters consider consumers to be “fundamentally irrational” in the way they shop. Clearly, feelings, not facts, are what drive our decisions — a factor that needs to influence the way that brands think about customer loyalty.”

How retailers can target the female shopper of today

Quotable: “Data from Nielsen’s State of the Nation (SOTN) report shows that female shoppers are more likely to shop around, with 58% preferring to shop in different stores to take advantage of offers. Moreover, 75% of women admit to always being on the lookout for promotions, in comparison to only 66% of men.”

Innovators share ways to eliminate buying friction while boosting omnichannel presence

Quotable: “Research form Bain Company indicating 92% of sales still occur in a physical store while 70% of affluent shoppers research online before making a purchase and 80% of users are willing to share data with companies they trust.”


Congress must act to strengthen consumer data privacy

Quotable: “The question now is what shape that law should take, which is why I favor passing bipartisan legislation that sets a single national data privacy standard so companies and consumers don’t have to navigate 50 different sets of rules, a scenario that would be costly and overly burdensome.”

Customer-Centric Enterprise Marketers Prioritizing Customer Data Management

Quotable: “While technology has made it possible, theoretically, for any company of any size or in any industry to deliver personalized and contextual experiences to customers based on this data, there is a huge gap between the theory and practice of being able to do so - especially when we add in the layers of persistence, consistency, scale and privacy.”

Driving a Seamless Customer Data Strategy

Quotable: “We need someone inside the company to drive a company-wide data strategy because our customer experience is only going to be as powerful as our employee experience, and if our teams internally in our many divisions and groups are not sharing data, that’s a huge challenge.  Companies can counter this by appointing someone to actually drive that data strategy across the company to educate the company on what data means, how we should be using it, how we should be sharing it, on security, and all of these modern issues with data today.”

De-duplication of Indian consumer data to complete by year-end

Quotable: "The moves comes in the backdrop of the regulator RBI asking such payment technology firms to comply with data localization norms which require them to store transaction data of Indian consumers within the boundaries of India.  Mastercard, however, has already started saving data at servers in India."


ACI Worldwide Announces New Mobile Wallet Payment and Loyalty Capabilities

Quotable: “ACI Worldwide has … unveiled new loyalty capabilities and mobile wallet payment. The new capabilities are now a segment of ACI’s UP portfolio and allow customers to view bills from Google Pay or Apple Wallet and pay via smartphones.”


Why Rewards for Loyal Spenders Are ‘a Honey Pot for Hackers’

Quotable: “Rewards memberships have become “the single best source of individual customer data relevant to developing personalized marketing,” said Thomas O’Toole, executive director of the Kellogg School of Management’s data analytics program at Northwestern University.”


Google’s voice strategy is ubiquitous and comprehensive

Quotable: “Here we see a company propelling its voice-first strategy by being both comprehensive and ubiquitous. Ubiquity is a word regularly used by the likes of Alexa, Siri, Bixby, and other assistants to describe an ambition to be available in the home, car, and workplace, but it’s most true with Google Assistant, which is now available on more than a billion devices.”

Hidden tricks in the Chick-fil-A app

Quotable: “Almost 20% of the chain's sales are now made via the app or other digital channels, according to Kevin Purcer, Chick-fil-A's director of digital culinary experience. That's a massive increase from the 6% that digital represented at the beginning of 2018.”


QANTAS to Launch Frequent Flyer-Only “Points Planes”

QANTAS to Launch Frequent Flyer-Only “Points Planes”

Quotable: “This is the first time we have dedicated an entire aircraft – let alone an A380 – to our frequent flyers, and we are expecting to see significant demand for these flights,” Qantas loyalty chief executive Olivia Wirth said. "Four flight redemptions are made every minute and sixty upgrades are confirmed every hour. We know our members love to redeem their points on travel, so we’re excited to be able to give them new ways to access these rewards."

Delta will let frequent flyers who stopped because life got in the way get back their old status

Quotable: "Delta will now accommodate customers who become a new parent, care for an aging family member or recover from a serious illness and may not be traveling as often as a result. Other life events, such as getting a degree, moving or changing jobs, will also be considered by the airline. Under the program, Delta's elite Medallion status passengers Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Silver who had their travel disrupted can apply for three complimentary months at their former status level. If the person travels enough during that time to rack up 25 percent of the qualifying dollars it takes annually to maintain that level, they can keep their status through the following year."


DoorDash and Wyndham Partner on Free Hotel Delivery

Quotable: “Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has partnered with DoorDash to offer hotel meal delivery in more than 4,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada. To juice the launch of this co-branded promotion, hotel guests will get free delivery on all DoorDash orders, while also receiving Wyndham Rewards points as a bonus with the order. Customers new to DoorDash can also get $5 off their first order, in addition to free delivery, with the use of a promo code.”


City of Belfast and Colu Team up to Create City Loyalty 

Quotable: “Belfast Coin will operate as a rewards platform, encouraging the Belfast public towards impactful behaviours to further improve the city. Residents will accumulate Belfast Coins in return for activities such as shopping at local businesses, volunteering, civic activity and beyond. By motivating Belfast residents to make a positive difference, the Belfast Coin will strengthen their connection to the city they live in.”


Barwa Bank launches customer loyalty reward schemes

Quotable: “Upon each local purchase made through their credit cards, the bank's loyal customers will get the opportunity to partake in a nationwide draw, offering 25 winners monthly a prize of 20,000 loyalty points each and a grand prize of 1,000,000 loyalty points.”

The Loyalty Newswire is compiled and edited by the editorial staff at The Wise Marketer.