Loyalty Newswire - October 28th, 2019

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 28, 2019

Here's what we're following in loyalty news this week: First Bitcoin casino introduces loyalty program where "everybody wins", the Sacramento Kings launched a blockchain-powered rewards program, employee engagement can bolster brand loyalty, Toys"R"Us makes a comeback, 5G networks set to enhance mobile payments industry, and United Airlines gives fans what they want: a Star Wars safety video ...

Loyalty Program Announcements

Win Or Lose, Everybody Wins with Bitcasino’s New Loyalty Program

Quotable: “The world’s first licensed Bitcoin casino operator has bucked the trend of impersonal deposit bonuses, introducing an industry-first loyalty program that gives players tailor-made rewards – even when you lose.”

Sacramento Kings Pro Basketball Team Launches Crypto Collectibles

Quotable: “The collaboration follows last week's news that the NBA basketball team is launching a blockchain-powered rewards program within its gaming app Call the Shot, which will also be available in the upcoming season.”

Loyalty Strategy

4 Simple Tips to Encourage Employee Participation in Brand Building

Quotable: “Consumer trust is at an all-time low, with people tuning out the constant stream of ads presented to them. Only 33% of buyers trust messages from a brand, while some 90% of customers trust product or service recommendations from people they know.”

Business travelers are benefitting from amped-up loyalty programs

Quotable: “Business travelers are part of the overall travel trend toward wellness and constant reviews on social media. The industry is responding with better deals, more loyalty rewards and expanded wellness options for people who travel for business. Wooing corporate accounts will continue to be important for airlines and hotels alike, and social media will continue to be a key ingredient to winning business travelers.”


Toys"R"Us comeback features new interactive play lands, stores and Target partnership

Quotable: “Ahead of the holiday shopping season, the iconic brand opened two new “immersive toy wonderlands” called Toys R Us Adventure this week, unveiled a new website along with a partnership with former rival Target, and is preparing to open its first new stores in November.”

Holiday 2019 Predictions: Retailers Have High Expectations Despite Shortened Selling Season

Quotable: “Despite the ongoing digital wave, brick-and-mortar is far from obsolete: 90% of shoppers will make purchases from a physical store, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). The divide between physical and online sales will continue to vary by product type, with areas like food and clothing still dominated by brick-and-mortar trips, while electronics and media sales continue to migrate online, according to Periscope by McKinsey.”

Education at the Wise Marketer

Loyalty Academy Heads to Brazil

An educational seminar will be held in São Paulo in cooperation with ABEMF, Brazil’s leading association for loyalty and CRM professionals. The “Best Practices in Loyalty Marketing” educational seminar will be held on November 25-26th, 2019. Visit here for information about the event and registration. Everyone who attends will earn course credits from the Loyalty Academy, enabling them to easily go on and earn their CLMP.


How 5G Will Revolutionise Retail Payments

Quotable: “While still in its infancy, there is an expected global 5G rollout coming soon which will lead to a more interconnected global economy of merchants and consumers. Faster internet speeds and a decrease in latencies will lead to even faster, more seamless payments made via a mobile device and usher in a new era of innovation. Mobile payments are an increasingly popular payment method and the arrival of 5G will only fuel and further accommodate the growth of this trend.”


Watch United Airlines’ New Star Wars Safety Video

Quotable: “United Airlines’ new safety video, called “Fly The Friendly Galaxy,” should be available on United flights soon. United says that this is to celebrate the conclusion of the Skywalker saga, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” in theaters December 20, 2019.”


Why The Future Of Hotel Booking Is Experiential (And How You Can Cash In)

Quotable: “Fast-forward to today, and you’d think the booking game no longer follows the same laws of economics. How is it that if Hotel A offers the same level of room product, service and amenities for a lower price than Hotel B, it’s still not guaranteed the booking? The answer is because we’re no longer in the business of selling rooms — we’re in the business of selling experiences.”

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