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Loyalty Newswire – October 5th, 2020

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 5, 2020

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  • Disney is tapping Oracle's CrowdTwist loyalty platform to revamp its current program
  • Home Depot has integrated its Pro Xtra loyalty program with its mobile app
  • The country of Maldives is preparing to launch its very own loyalty program for tourists
  • Brands are leveraging Punchh's loyalty and engagement platform to keep customers engaged and boost sales during this critical time
  • Forrester's new touchless customer experience solution, FeedbackNow, enables real-time data collection at the point of experience while also ensuring safety and hygiene
  • The personal data of employees at an H&M service center in Nuremberg was being collected illegally which resulted in a 35.3 million euros fine for data rights violations
  • Fraud is on the rise as consumers turn to online shopping during lockdown
  • Alliance Data announced the launch of its Enhanced Digital Suite to help brands capitalize on online trends while boosting sales and acquisition rates
  • Chase has announced plans to partner with Affinity Exchange Capital to provide issuers of loyalty programs a new system for raising capital


Walt Disney scales loyalty program with Oracle to reach ‘top bucks customers’

Quotable: “The Disney Movie Insiders program was actually launched back in 2003 and was primarily built for the in-home DVD and Blu-ray market. The aim was to create a direct connection with Disney fans, offering them rewards for their purchases. Ruth Walker, VP of CRM at Walt Disney Studios, was speaking at Oracle Live recently, where she explained that in 2020 the loyalty program needed to be deeper and broader, requiring a new approach to technology and data.”

Home Depot's loyalty update gets mobile-first treatment

Quotable: “Home Depot's mobile-first approach for its loyalty program is another sign of how the retailer has embraced the latest technologies in its efforts to engage customers. Forrester Research last year ranked Home Depot No. 1 in a study of retailers' mobile apps, praising the home improvement chain for providing a solid user experience. The researcher said the app's features, including a virtual customer service agent to help shoppers navigate stores with visual item mapping data and real-time information about inventories, were especially useful.”

Maldives set to become world's first country to offer a traveler loyalty program

Quotable: “Maldives Immigration, an official government-run Twitter account, made an announcement on September 28: 'Maldives Border Miles is a three-tiered loyalty program for tourists. Tourists will earn points based on the number of visits and duration of stay. Additional points will be awarded for visits to celebrate special occasions.'”


Punchh Accelerates Restaurant Recovery and Increases Loyalty Sales for its Customers by over 25%

Quotable: “During such a critical time for restaurants and retailers, Punchh is empowering over 200 enterprise brands to lean into their most loyal customers to help them drive sales by building lifetime customer value and engagement. Brands such as El Pollo Loco and MOD Pizza are keeping customers engaged through the Punchh loyalty and engagement platform and seeing an increase in sales as a result.”

Forrester’s New Touchless Customer Experience Solution Tracks Real-Time Consumer Feedback During Pandemic

Quotable: “Equipped with powerful analytics, FeedbackNow allows businesses to collect feedback at the point of experience through its antimicrobial, touchless smiley boxes. As a result, organizations can capture and act on critical real-time CX feedback where and when it matters while also ensuring hygiene and safety.”


35.3 million euros fine for data protection violations in the H&M service center

Quotable: “The combination of research into private life and the ongoing recording of what activity they were engaged in led to a particularly intensive interference with the rights of those affected. The data collection became known because the notes were accessible company-wide for a few hours due to a configuration error in October 2019. After the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information was informed about the data collection through press reports, he first ordered the content of the network drive to be completely “frozen” and then requested that it be released. The company followed suit and submitted a data set of around 60 gigabytes for analysis. After analyzing the data, interrogations of numerous witnesses confirmed the documented practices.”

Fraud rise driven by shoppers moving online during lockdown

Quotable: “Over 22% of consumers shop exclusively with brands whose loyalty programmes they are members of. While numbers are down significantly, Forter puts this down to the current travel industry woes. As people get back to travel, it expects them to pick up soon. It is seeing loyalty account details currently being stolen by fraudsters and banked for future use. One reason for saving the details is that the older the account, the more likely it is to be seen as trusted.”


Alliance Data Launches Market-Leading Online Payment Features with Enhanced Digital Suite, Driving Customer Acquisition and Spend

Quotable: “In recent months, e-commerce platforms have quickly replaced physical shopping channels, with 10 years of growth occurring in just 90 days. Enhanced Digital Suite reflects the changing landscape by creating a seamless process for customers to adopt, apply for and use payment options online. Through the presentment feature of Enhanced Digital Suite, real-time financing and marketing messages are displayed earlier and more frequently during a customer’s online shopping experience.”


Investors Could Soon Trade Frequent Flyer Miles

Quotable: “JPMorgan Chase & Affinity Capital Exchange (ACE) have announced plans to work together to provide issuers of loyalty programs the ability to augment secured debt financing by developing a new class of loyalty points. ACE is a fintech company in the loyalty finance space, and JPMorgan Chase is also involved in the loyalty program world through its many multi-billion dollar agreements with airlines, hotels, and more.”

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