Loyalty Newswire - September 2, 2019

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 2, 2019

This week in loyalty marketing – education for the people, several tasty nuggets of loyalty strategy insight, the latest loyalty program announcements, and apparently the future of CX is dopamine. Here is what we’re following in loyalty news.


Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) Workshop Announced

Quotable: “For those who wish to achieve the distinction of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) all at once, the Academy offers an annual certification workshop. This is an in-person event led by senior faculty members of the Academy over a 3-day period. The workshop is intense and covers all core modules plus some of the elective topics offered in the full curriculum.”


Fighting slowdown: How Payback India is working with brands to make consumers shop

Quotable: “And to create a meaningful programme for the customers, it should aim to achieve long-term loyalty. It is not a substitute for poor quality customer delivery. Loyalty programme works beautifully when the expectations of the customers are met, recognised and treated as valuable customers. He said loyalty is a good cost. When a company is facing cost cutting in businesses, loyalty should be the last cut, because that directly impacts customers’ expectations.”

Surely retention and acquisition are both part of the customer journey

Quotable: “The survey also showed the success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60–70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5–20%. Existing customers are also 50% more likely to try a new product and spend 31% more on average versus a new customer.”

Looking beyond a loyalty card

Quotable: “Though loyalty cards may help entice customers to spend more in the short-term, as suggested by Forrester research which found that, over three months, a customer in a loyalty scheme spent an average of $42.33 more than a customer who wasn’t in one – they’re not always guaranteed to work for the long-term.”

The 3 Components to Emotional Loyalty

Quotable: “Emotional loyalty is constructed of three components: affinity, attachment and trust. Yes, it’s possible to like a product without being fully loyal. Or you can be attached to a brand simply by subscribing to its email program. When affinity, attachment and trust all exist, emotional loyalty is easily fulfilled.”

Earning the Loyalty of the Modern Customer

Quotable: “With the ability to jump between retailers at a moment’s notice, customers aren’t likely to stick with brands that rely on traditional tactics. From focusing on both the online and in-store experiences to investing in a premium loyalty program that offers unmatched experiential benefits, retailers that take a new approach to loyalty are more likely to win over today’s consumers.”


Uber Announces Loyalty Program for Brazilian Users

Quotable: “Uber announced on Wednesday, August 28th, a loyalty program for the platform's users in Brazil. Now it will be possible to collect points and exchange them for discounts or obtain benefits in rides.”

Hoyts re-launches its rewards program to counter loyalty program fatigue

Quotable: “Hoyts has redesigned its loyalty program, Hoyts Rewards, to combat the widespread trend of program fatigue among Australian consumers to offer instant benefits and new membership tiers. Hoyts attributed its reasons to the latest For Love of Money 2019 report, which found less than half of Australians participating in loyalty programs actively using their card or number when making a purchase in the last 12 months.”


Loyalty Contribution Continues to Rise Across U.S. Hotel Bookings

Quotable: “Year-to-date (YTD) through June 2019, the percentage of total room nights booked by members of brand loyalty programs increased 4.4% year-over-year (YOY) to 53.9% of all room nights booked at hotel brands with existing loyalty programs, citing Kalibri Labs’ U.S. Hotel Industry Performance Overview (HIPO).”


United Airlines frequent flyer miles will no longer expire

Quotable: “United’s move brings its frequent flyer program in line with JetBlue Airways’ and Delta Air Lines’ loyalty programs. American Airlines’ AAdvantage miles expire after 18 months if members don’t earn or use miles on the airline or one of its partners. Southwest and Alaska Airlines miles expire after two years of inactivity.”


Examining Where 8 US States Stand on Consumer Data Privacy Laws

Quotable: “US states have taken the lead in a country which, at the moment, does not have sweeping data protection legislation on a federal level like the European Union does with GDPR. Rather, in the United States, there is a “jumble of hundreds of laws enacted on both the federal and state levels” in regards to privacy data protection on US citizens.”

Amazon tests data clean room to improve audience targeting

Quotable: “The clean room reportedly is similar to other offerings, such as Google's Ads Data Hub (ADH) or Facebook's enterprise data-sharing service. Their clean rooms mix aggregated user information with first-party customer data from marketers, helping them to measure campaigns and avoid serving too many ads to the same audiences.”


SAP CX tools evolve in the face of data privacy, AI

Quotable: “We want to be sure the salesperson has a holistic view of the customer. There is operational data, like how many meetings you had, but there is also social data about the customer and how they interact online with the company. There is also the notion of 'experience data' and what the customer is feeling right now. But it's not just about collecting the data; it's also how to act on it.”

Improve customer experience with scenario analysis

Quotable: “A Gartner Customer Experience (CX) study declares: “Customer experience is the new marketing battlefront. More than two-thirds of marketers responding in the study indicated that their companies compete mostly on the basis of CX. And in two years’ time, 81% say they expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of CX.”  A study by VisionCritical claims that by 2020, the customer experience will overtake price and product quality as the key brand differentiator.”

Aimia to Sell Half its Investment in Cardlytics

Quotable: "Aimia continues to evolve its capital structure and business focus as it seeks to reestablish its identity among global loyalty service providers."

The Future of CX is in for Profound Change

Quotable: “Cultural instincts and dopamine triggers will become the lingua franca of CX design.—Forrester.”

The Loyalty Newswire is compiled and edited by the staff at The Wise Marketer.