Loyalty programme clearinghouse signs advertising deal

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 23, 2002

Loyalty programme clearinghouse signs advertising deal

A company that helps travellers obtain English-speaking medical help in foreign countries has signed up to advertise on LoyaltyFN's clearinghouse web site.

E-Redeem's LoyaltyFN has signed a six-figure, two year agreement with Healthy Passport, in which Healthy Passport will advertise within LoyaltyFN's one-to-one marketing clearinghouse (see previous article). The deal will enable Healthy Passport to reach more than 50m travellers - the company's exact market.

Washington, DC-based Healthy Passport helps international travellers to obtain English-speaking medical help in major cities world-wide. The company is currently producing an international database of country-specific packages which can be purchased from its website. Visitors to the site can access country-specific breaking news, health and safety alerts, and links to official government sites that discuss vaccination and other health-related travel issues.

LoyaltyFn is a clearing house for loyalty programmes that offers loyalty programme operators the same benefits that banks and credit card companies already enjoy. It is expected to serve a customer base of more than 65 million loyalty programme members when it becomes fully operational in the third quarter of this year. Using LoyaltyFN, consumers will be able to find out what (and where) their loyalty net worth is, how to save it and how to make it grow faster; also how to use it for products and services (often without redeeming the miles or points they have). It also shows them how to combine different miles, points, or loyalty net worth portfolio values for a single award.

A LoyaltyFN spokesman also confirmed that the Company has been contacting advertising agencies to offer package services to their advertising clients. The company anticipates that its hybrid call-centre and web clearinghouse services will be well received among advertising agencies tasked by clients to evaluate integrated solutions for marketing and advertising.

More details: www.e-redeem.com www.healthypassport.com