Loyalty programme for Pepsi buyers?

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 30, 2001

Loyalty programme for Pepsi buyers?

New technology being used by Pepsi in its vending machines will enable it to implement a loyalty programme.

Pepsi-Cola North America has taken the first step towards a loyalty programme for users of its vending machines: they will be able to pay for their drinks using credit cards - or with coins or bills if they prefer. The company is testing a wireless-based technology (called Synapse) in Memphis. Using a web browser, Pepsi bottlers will be able to receive up to the minute data from the vending machines, allowing better planning of re-stocking routes.

According to Pepsi's director of innovation, Todd Piatnik, the system will speed up and simplify payments for drinks for many customers. Instead of having to find the necessary change, they will be able to pay with a credit card and the transaction will be authorised by wireless technology within two seconds.

Loyalty card In addition to allowing credit card purchases and providing tracking data, the Synapse technology also will enable Pepsi to eventually implement loyalty card, gift card, and other "plastic" programmes - such as smart cards.

The Synapse card payment and telemetric technology was developed by New York-based Wireless Data, Inc.

For more details:www.uswirelessdata.com www.pepsi.com