Loyalty programme launches for PayPal merchants

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 11, 2006

Loyalty programme launches for PayPal merchants

Merchants accepting PayPal payments are being offered a new turnkey loyalty rewards programme called 'MyStoreRewards' for their customers by online marketing firm MyStoreCredit Inc.

While many major retailers offer customer loyalty programmes through private-label credit cards, frequent shopper cards and online shopper IDs, most smaller online merchants still find it difficult (and often costly) to operate a similar rewards programme.

The MyStoreRewards programme, which is available to merchants that accept PayPal payments online, is based on the developer interface to PayPal's payments platform.

Low cost deployment MyStoreRewards requires no new technical skills on the part of the merchant, or indeed any extra hardware or software. The programme allows merchants to reward their customers at various levels when payments are processed through PayPal.

According to MyStoreCredit, the average monthly fee (excluding the cost of the rewards issued to customers) is equal to US$1 for every US$1,000 in turnover processed through PayPal (0.01%).

Customised reward levels Brian Lawe, CEO for MyStoreCredit, explained: "Merchants can segment their customer base and offer customised rewards to drive increased sales and profits. The programme automatically tracks buyer activity, issues any cash reward necessary, and provides reporting for participating merchants."

"At PayPal, our merchants are always looking for new technologies which help them sell more effectively," added Tim Villanueva, general manager of the PayPal platform and PayPal Developer Network. "The MyStoreRewards solution can help merchants drive repeat sales, which is a key goal for any business."

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