Loyalty rewards roll out at K&K Bowling Services

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Posted on November 23, 2007

Loyalty rewards roll out at K&K Bowling Services

Bowling Rewards has announced the roll-out of a customised 'Pro Shop and Bowling Supply Rewards' loyalty scheme for the US-based equipment distributor K&K Bowling Services.

Several major equipment sponsors were signed up to support K&K by providing free goods in exchange for advertising exposure on 20,000 Bowling Rewards plastic cards slated for distribution throughout leagues and centres in the Las Vegas area and at K&K's new store in Arizona.

Cashback rewards Sponsors also get extra exposure at all of K&K's stores through point of sale displays and banners, which advertise 20% cash back rewards whenever a customer buys merchandise from the sponsor's product range. Otherwise, customers earn a 10% cash back reward for purchasing non-sponsor products and services.

"We are pleased to have Storm, Brunswick, Etonic, and Vise supporting our model to put better equipment in the hands of every bowler. We designed this platform for pro-shops to compete with online discounting by providing better solutions, rewards, customer service, and customised retention strategies," explained Steve Schroeder, vice president of marketing for Bowling Rewards. The loyalty platform that Bowling Rewards offers starts at as little as US$50 per month for independent pro-shop operators, and aims to bringing greater profitability and pricing stability to local pro-shop operators who have to compete with online competitors.

Loyalty objectives The loyalty platform was designed to accomplish several key objectives:

  • To provide a marketing system that encourages pro-shop customers to select one brand over another through the redemption of rewards;  
  • To change the traditional role of the manufacturer sales representative into more of a marketing partner for the pro-shop operator;  
  • To increase the market share of sponsoring manufacturers in a measurable way with a verifiable ROI;  
  • To combat online competition with exclusive rewards for league bowlers and open play bowlers;  
  • To develop and build the pro-shop's database in an automated way, with rewards-based activation incentives.

Loyalty rewarded with cash After the plastic cards are distributed and bowlers get used to using their loyalty card to earn cash back rewards, each sale transaction is separately recorded through the company's system and cash back rewards are loaded back on the card, ready for the customer's next visit.

Reward options currently include:

  • 10% cash back on non-sponsor sales: When customers spend money at the pro-shop on equipment and merchandise from non-sponsor brands, the customer receives a flat 10% cash back reward that is automatically loaded onto their card, ready for future purchases at the pro-shop.  
  • 15% - 20% cash back rewards on sponsor sales: When customers spend money at the pro-shop and their purchase includes sponsors' merchandise, the customer receives a more aggressive reward. When customers redeem their reward, they can do so only for sponsors' equipment and merchandise. No other brands may be purchased upon redemption, which inevitably results is an increase in sponsors' market share.

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