Loyalty sign-up kiosks roll out across the US

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 15, 2007

Loyalty sign-up kiosks roll out across the US

In the US, four separate retailers have announced immediate plans to pilot the internet-based 'Rapid Enrol' kiosk from biometric payments provider Pay By Touch to help increase in-store sign up rates for their loyalty programmes.

The retailers that are launching pilot programmes are located in New York, Wisconsin, Florida, and New England, and other in-store kiosk installations are expected to follow soon.

Replacing paper sign-ups Replacing the traditional paper-based enrolment process, the in-store kiosk provides consumers with a quick and simple way to join a retailer's loyalty programme.

The shopper only needs only to enter their telephone number and a second identifier (such as the first three letters of their last name), and the kiosk automatically fetches their address information online from public records. But in case shoppers prefer to maintain full control over their contact details, the kiosk also allows them to enter their information manually.

The technology The system also checks their profile data against other existing databases and automatically corrects any errors, which means that loyalty database duplications and inaccuracies are significantly reduced. According to Pay By Touch, a typical loyalty programme's manual registration process can take up to two weeks to complete, while the kiosk completes the membership record in real time.

The retailer's infrastructure needs are simple, with the only requirements being an internet connection and a power outlet. No point of sale integration is necessary.

According to Jeff Grider, vice president of personalised marketing for Pay By Touch, "One of the benefits of the Rapid Enrol kiosk is that it can be customised to provide loyalty programme features such as charity donations, pet clubs, wine clubs, baby clubs, and rewards points."

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