It's critical to build human connections via contactless loyalty during this tumultuous time.
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[Webinar] Creating Contactless Loyalty: Building Human Connections in an Increasingly Contactless World

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The rapidly changing environment for many businesses as a result of the pandemic has put contactless loyalty at the forefront. Businesses are scrambling to setup online order and delivery, curbside pickup, and contactless fulfillment to serve their customers in the safest way possible and avoid business shutdown. It’s not an easy transition to navigate, but fortunately, there are companies around that exist to guide businesses during tumultuous times.

One of those companies is Epsilon. We hosted a hugely popular webinar on September 30th with them discussing this critical topic: How do you build loyalty in an increasingly contactless world? We answered this question while also breaking down the basics of contactless loyalty and answering common questions about contactless loyalty. Thanks to Tamara Oliveria, CLMP and Epsilon for their participation on a great webinar. Fill out the form below to view the entire webinar.

Feel free to also download Epsilon’s guide on “Contactless Loyalty: Building lasting connections in an increasingly contactless world” to learn more. They dive deeper into the concept of contactless loyalty, share more consumer trends, and explain more building blocks to create contactless loyalty.

Creating Contactless Loyalty: Building human connections in an increasingly contactless world

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Webinar Presenter and Description


Tamara Oliverio is a Senior Director of Loyalty / CX and is part of Epsilon’s CRM/Loyalty Strategic Insights Consulting practice. She has 20 years of loyalty/CRM and communications experience as both the client and consultant. Tamara joined Epsilon in 2016 to lead loyalty design efforts for General Motors’ new enterprise-wide My Rewards program and now works with a variety of brands across various industries to design, evolve, optimize & manage their customer loyalty strategies.


How can brands create lasting relationships with their customers when they can’t interact face to face? How do you build loyalty in an increasingly contactless world?

Join us for this webinar where we’ll talk about these questions and more:

1. What is Contactless Loyalty?
2. Why is it important now?
3. What contactless experiences are prevalent today?
4. What brands are doing it well?
5. How can brands get started?

You’ll walk away with actionable insights for improving customer experiences and fostering loyalty for your brand.

[Webinar] Creating Contactless Loyalty: Building Human Connections in an Increasingly Contactless World
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