LoyaltyLion Partners with REN Clean Skincare to Revitalize Customer Loyalty

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 19, 2022

Loyalty program members have 104% larger AOV and spend 271% more than regular customers

London, UK – April 19, 2022 – LoyaltyLion, a leading data-driven loyalty and engagement platform today announced the success of its partnership with Unilever-owned, sustainable and cruelty-free skincare brand, REN Clean Skincare, to improve customer experience and engagement. The partnership has yielded a rise in average order value and customer spend.

Established on the philosophy of “clean to skin, clean to planet,” REN Clean Skincare has been a global market leader in skin care for almost 20 years and possesses a strong brand identity and following both online and offline. The retailer was looking for ways to align with its customers and build longer-term, more valuable relationships. In partnering with LoyaltyLion, REN now delivers seamless, omnichannel experiences, resulting in deeper emotional connections with its customers.

The shift from brick-and-mortar to ecommerce continues to progress. Building brand loyalty became even more important during the pandemic for REN as its traditional store-shoppers reverted to buying online when shops were closed, while new customers discovered the brand online for the first time. For REN Clean Skincare, the need to build longer-lasting relationships with their new online customers became the priority.

LoyaltyLion’s software allows consumers, exploring the REN Clean Skincare site, to earn points for signing up for the loyalty program and encourages shoppers to become part of its community. REN Clean Skincare also uses LoyaltyLion to display on-site notifications to guest shoppers encouraging them to create loyalty program accounts in exchange for points, motivating them to become a member even if they hadn’t planned to. The platform has allowed the brand to better understand its shoppers and to further elevate and improve authenticity in the online shopping journey. Personalization has been a key factor in helping the retailer build a community of loyal insiders.

In order to promote exclusivity and engage members, REN Clean Skincare uses LoyaltyLion’s tiered system to encourage customers to make a purchase. At the “Starter” level consumers earn vouchers for dollars off and at the higher “Champion” level, shoppers gain access to more exclusive rewards, like early access to new products and sales, as well as invites to invite-only events. The program “Clean Rewards” acts as a natural extension of the brand, customized to fit seamlessly with the REN website’s look and feel and aligning with the company’s mission to create products that are “Clean to Skin” and “Clean to Planet”.

AJ Patel, Global Head of Ecommerce at REN Clean Skincare, said:

“Given the challenges with paid media in 2021, loyalty and CRM have become irreplaceable channels to help fuel growth in our business. LoyaltyLion has been a great partner in helping us revamp our loyalty program and improve customer retention.”

This year, REN Clean Skincare’s loyalty program members have, on average, a 104% higher AOV and spend 271% more than regular customers. The brand’s program members also spend more often than other customers and add more to their cart while they’re there.

Charlie Casey, CEO of LoyaltyLion, commented:

“Customers no longer shop by price or convenience, they choose to shop with brands that are emotionally aligned to their values. They'll share the brand with others and the result is that stores will cost-effectively acquire the right kinds of customers. It’s not by chance that REN Clean Skincare achieved these attractive results. Having been in the cosmetics market for over two decades, REN’s team isn’t shy about embracing innovation and evolving trends to both retain and acquire loyal customers.”