LoyaltyMatch launches non-profit online fundraiser

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 23, 2008

LoyaltyMatch launches non-profit online fundraiser

LoyaltyMatch.com, an online marketplace for loyalty programme miles and points collectors, is now helping non-profit causes on both a national and local level to raise funds through a new service called 'LoyaltyMatch Community Commerce'.

Community Commerce was created to help non-profit organisations and community-based charitable causes overcome the challenge of fundraising by enabling groups of donors to convert their loyalty points and miles into cash donations.

Raising awareness Community Commerce also aims to increase awareness of participating non-profit organisations by providing an internet presence for each that targets a specific community. The system is already helping fundraising groups in Canada and the USA to broaden their donation and volunteer spectrum.

Joining LoyaltyMatch.com and creating a group for giving is free of charge. Recently, for example, the South Gloucester United Church near Ottawa, Ontario, created a fundraising group, providing an online tool for people to give donations that wasn't previously available. The process of making donations is easy, and a tax receipt is then issued by the church itself.

LoyaltyMatch.com members can collaborate and create their own online community based on the trading, buying or selling of merchandise using existing loyalty programme points or miles. The first transaction for new members is free and subsequent transactions cost Can$1.99 each. In addition, 1% of the funds generated by each transaction are donated in equal parts to the Canadian Cancer Society and the World Wildlife Fund.

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