Loylogic Launches New Buy, Gift and Transfer Technology Platform

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 5, 2018

Loylogic Launches Their New Buy, Gift and Transfer Technology Platform with Aggressive Price Positioning

Enters the BGT market by offering frequent traveller programs a new, plug-and-play solution at highly competitive cost

Zurich, Switzerland
3 July 2018

Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, announces its strategic entrance into the Buy-Gift-Transfer (BGT) market with its new BGT-module by offering a state of the art technology platform combined with excellent commercials. Leaving out the service fee completely in their pricing model, Loylogic’s plug and play solution can be integrated within a few weeks and deliver substantial program revenue almost immediately at a cost of 60-90% below that of current solution providers.

For decades and where legally permitted, frequent traveller programs around the globe have already offered their members an opportunity to buy, gift or transfer miles and points. Program members that are in need of a few more points towards, for example, booking their next reward flight, can simply buy the missing points and thus instantly increase their miles balance.

Over the years, the BGT business has grown into an important market, turning close to half a billion USD per annum for the programs with a hefty share of around USD 80 million going to the solution provider. Very obviously, this represents a huge opportunity for a second player to grasp market share and this is where Loylogic is positioning themselves to create a disruption in the market.

Dominic Hofer, Founder & CEO of Loylogic shares his passion on the launch of the new module: “Our mission here is pretty straight forward. We want to become the partner of choice for frequent traveller programs looking to save on millions of dollars when outsourcing BGT to a solutions provider. We are proud to say that shortly after launching the BGT platform in the market, we are already live with our first client.. In addition, we have also signed two more programs and continue to attract frequent traveller programs globally that are interested in switching to our low-cost model. More about the new partnerships will be announced in the weeks to come.”

For more information about Loylogic’s BGT solution, please write to: press@loylogic.com

About Loylogic

Loylogic is the world’s leading innovator and creator of points experiences, insights, commerce and engagement. By tantalizing members with more choices and arming programs with insights on behaviour – anticipating both present and future needs – we deliver powerful solutions that amplify engagement and build loyalty.

Founded in 2005 with offices around the world and a global content network of more than 500 merchants and 2,000 online stores offering millions products and services, Loylogic, the new paradigm of points-based e-commerce and e-payment solutions, is the partner that the world’s leading loyalty programs trust with making their points and miles loved more. For more information please visit loylogic.com.

Press contact: Richa Bakshi | Richa.bakshi@loylogic.com