Loylogic unveils iPhone app for loyalty redemptions

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 30, 2009

Loylogic unveils iPhone app for loyalty redemptions

Loylogic has announced a complete loyalty programme application that allows for real-time points redemption using the Apple iPhone. The new MobApp turnkey solution enables loyalty programme operators in any country to offer iPhone users the ability to use the mobile channel for their loyalty programme's various features.

The MobApp application will soon be launched by its first loyalty programme operator, aiming to provide consumers with a customer-friendly tool that will also help to deepen both customer engagement and loyalty programme satisfaction.

Loylogic designed the platform to provide loyalty programme members with any and all programme information at any time, anywhere. Members can view their account details, check the latest partner promotions, browse a list of programme partners, retrieve general programme information, benefit from iPhone-exclusive promotions, and redeem loyalty points through an easy-to-navigate mobile rewards shop.

By opening up the mobile channel, loyalty programmes could potentially increase their relevance to members, boost member engagement, and help partner brands to stay 'top of mind' among their most valuable customers.

In addition, programme operators can use the mobile application to provide an exclusive promotional channel for participating merchant partners, which helps to strengthen partner relationships as well as adding new points-earning opportunities for members.

Loylogic reports that MobApp can be deployed for almost any loyalty programme and can be implemented rapidly. The company handles the entire application registering process with Apple worldwide.

The solution is supported by a dedicated content management system that can be managed by the programme operator's own team, or outsourced to Loylogic.

MobApp can be 'skinned' (changed in appearance) to match any loyalty programme's usual 'look and feel', and additional innovative features are currently being planned and developed for launch during 2010.

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