m-Payment system integrates with loyalty-based POS

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 30, 2004

m-Payment system integrates with loyalty-based POS

Shoppers are soon to be able to pay for their groceries using a mobile phone, while grocers build customer loyalty and increase sales, according to mobile phone payment technology provider, MobileLime, which has now integrated its technology with StoreNext's retail store management and POS (point-of-sale) system.

Now that MobileLime's software solution has been integrated with StoreNext's ISS45 Version 8 POS system, independent retailers will be able to make use of the growing voice and data properties of mobile phones to offer real-time marketing, cardless loyalty schemes, faster checkout times, and pre-paid gift programmes.

According to MobileLime, the company's patented system can provide retailers with loyalty reward programmes and promotional coupons at a lower cost than traditional paper- and card-based schemes, and the seamless POS integration will simplify usage and training for grocers and their staff.

How it works Wherever consumers find the MobileLime/ISS45 system installed, they can pay for their groceries using their MobileLime account. The company claims that a MobileLime transaction is quicker than with any other payment vehicle currently available when grocery shopping.

"Independent grocers can now develop a real-time marketing relationship with their customers, resulting in increased sales, faster checkout, and more loyal customers," commented Bob Wesley, president and CEO for MobileLime. "Instead of bulging wallets and lost cards, consumers benefit from improved purchase convenience, unified loyalty programmes, and enhanced security."

Other markets According to Wesley, credit card companies, wireless network operators and other consumer service companies can also use the MobileLime platform to deliver loyalty and payment programmes to their customers using mobile phones. The solution works with all 160 million US mobile phones, combining SMS (short message service) text messages with IVR (interactive voice recognition) during the purchase transaction.

For additional information: ·  Visit MobileLime at http://www.mobilelime.com ·  Visit StoreNext at http://www.storenext.com