Maritz launches real-time POS loyalty platform

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 24, 2008

Maritz launches real-time POS loyalty platform

In the US, Maritz and Welcome Real-Time have join forces to launch a loyalty offering called 'Maritz Real-Time Rewards' in both the US and Canada, to allow consumers to redeem loyalty points against purchases and to allow card issuers to make personalised offers at the point of sale.

Thad Peterson, director for Maritz Real-Time Rewards, said that in today's consumer markets, it is essential to differentiate customer loyalty programmes so that they don't become commoditized. This new real-time loyalty platform aims to help strengthen existing customer relationships with merchants and card issuers alike.

The system offers a number of benefits for credit card companies, banks, and retailers, including:

  • Data and targeted rewards Card issuers and retailers can use the system to track and analyse customer buying behaviours to provide more intelligently targeted rewards in real-time at the point of sale. This helps to reduce promotional wastage by making the right offer at the right time, ultimately driving higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased purchases.
  • Lower costs and greater customer value Delivering more accurately targeted and personalised promotions at the point of sale helps to reduce operational costs and should achieve better results than traditional mass-marketing or mass-segmentation methods such as direct mail or advertising.
  • Simplicity Retailers can allow customers to use any payment card of their choice to enrol and participate in their loyalty programme, making it easier for customers to always collect their points without having to carry extra cards or tokens. This also helps the issuer's cards to be seen as more attractive and useful to customers.

The full Maritz Real-Time Rewards suite of services includes several offerings for card issuers, including:

  • Linkage to merchants' POS for redemption, offering the ability to link credit card issuers with merchants so that credit card customers can use their loyalty points to make purchases in real-time at the point of sale;
  • Individual retailer loyalty programmes: Card issuers can partner with individual retailers to implement an internal points programme with either point-of-sale redemption or targeted promotional marketing offers (such as coupons or sampling offers);
  • Merchant Rewards Network programmes: Card issuers can participate in a programme where customers who shop with a network of participating retailers can receive special discounts along with either point-of-sale redemption or promotional marketing offers.

For additional information: ·  Visit Maritz at http://www.maritzloyalty.com ·  Visit Welcome at http://www.welcome-rt.com