Marketer throws in luxury goods with online offers

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 23, 2005

Marketer throws in luxury goods with online offers

With the launch of its new 'FreePay' brand, online marketing firm Gratis Internet has named its online payment method that allows consumers to acquire luxury goods - such as iPods, handbags, TVs, computer equipment, and games consoles - for free.

It's a simple model. FreePay provides consumers with free goods in return for them trying online offers from advertisers. To-date, Gratis says it has given away more than US$11 million in goods, including an impressive 19,000 Apple iPods.

According to Gratis Internet co-founder, Rob Jewell, "Our business model has always focused on two things: first, providing consumers with a way to acquire high-quality goods for free and, second, bringing new customers to our online advertisers."

Who pays? When a visitor to any FreePay-powered web site signs up for a trial offer from an advertiser, Gratis is paid by the advertiser for delivering the new sales prospect. Using those revenues, Gratis pays for the items it gives away. Brands including Citibank, Blockbuster, Columbia House and BMG have used the service to acquire new customers in return for free goods sponsorship.

With the launch of the FreePay brand, Gratis aims to improve the technology's visibility and adoption, and to demonstrate to consumers in the USA - and abroad - that the system works. FreePay is to continue to launch new web sites that offer broader selections of high-end luxury goods through the same mechanism.

Gratis Internet co-founder Peter Martin added: "We believe that naming this process and technology will increase customer loyalty, and ultimately create a well-known and trusted international brand. FreePay is not only a new brand and customer experience - it's a new and legitimate payment method for goods and services."

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