Marketers struggling to make emails stand out

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 26, 2015

Successful marketing via the consumer's email inbox is getting harder and harder in the digital age, with many marketers finding their emails are getting lost among a sea of competitor messaging, according to research from SmartFocus and Econsultancy.

The email marketing pain points white paper reveals that more emails than ever are being sent, with estimates citing figures close to 1 billion emails a day; while highlighting the fact that fewer emails than ever are actually being seen or opened by consumers.

The report concludes that email will continue to be a reliable channel to deliver ROI for marketers, but its ongoing success will rely on whether brands use email in isolation, or as an integral piece of their wider marketing vision that delivers relevant, real-time, personalised customer experiences.

"According to our research almost a quarter of senior level marketers were clued up when it came to delivering success via the inbox. That means there is still an incredible 77% of senior marketers out there who are struggling to achieve stand-out in their campaigns," explained Jess Stephens, Chief Marketing Officer for SmartFocus. "If the thought of delivering stand out messages in the inbox seems a scary task to you, then don't worry - there are simple and easy to implement ways to increase your email campaign success rate and alleviate any email marketing migraines. Our email marketing pain points whitepaper discusses easy to implement tips, to increase email campaign success rates and alleviate email marketing pain points."

One large brand who no longer struggles with its email campaigns is Scandinavian sportswear clothing label Peak Performance. Anna Abrahamsson, CRM Manager at Peak Performance said: "Thanks to SmartFocus, my team and I are now able to customise our emails, which along with our recommendations facility has resulted in a 50% increase in AOV, a 33% increase in click-through and 7% decrease in bounce rates from our website."

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