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Maximizing Your First-Party Data Activation Strategy

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 16, 2023

An exclusive webinar with AMC Theaters' Carrie Trotter and Kobie's Wendy Culpepper

This edition of the CRMC Webinar Series features AMC Theaters and Kobie. Staying at the top of the entertainment game as people changed the way they consume movies over the past decade was a big enough challenge for any business to face. But this thing called the pandemic presented unprecedented obstacles. The way AMC Theaters confronted these obstacles and created new customer-facing solutions with its partner Kobie is one of the best stories we have heard from the past two years.

Based on its performance, AMC has to be considered as one of the most resilient and powerful forces in the entertainment business.  In this webinar, you will hear a great story about how AMC has executed a dramatic transformation over the past 24 months where they adopted a mindset and business discipline around how to capture and activate first-party data to enhance their Stubs experience in theaters and future-proof their business. Today’s conversation is titled “Maximizing your first-party data activation strategy” and we are fortunate to hear from Carrie Trotter, Vice President of Loyalty, CRM and Partnerships @AMC Theatres and Wendy Culpepper, Chief Customer Officer @Kobie.