Maybank and Pizza Hut launch EMV loyalty rewards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 16, 2005

Maybank and Pizza Hut launch EMV loyalty rewards

In Malaysia, Maybank and Pizza Hut have launched a new "Pizza Hut and Maybankard Treats On-Chip" loyalty programme that allows customers to store Pizza Hut's promotions and loyalty points on the bank's EMV smart credit cards.

The Maybankard Treats On-Chip programme is available to all Maybankard Mastercard and Maybankard Visa cardholders. Customers who spend using either type of Maybankard credit card will have loyalty points stored on the smart chip of their card in the form of e-coupon value. The cardholder's accumulated e-coupon value can then be redeemed instantly at Pizza Hut outlets.

During an initial promotional period, cardholders receive instant discounts on every visit to Pizza Hut, and a free pizza on every fourth visit if they spend RM65 or more on each of three consecutive visits. The promotional offer is available at Pizza Hut's 129 outlets nationwide, and is valid until 30th November 2005. The redemption period for the e-coupon privileges is until 20th December 2005.

Instant rewards According to Encik Ashraf, executive vice president of Maybank's cards business group, "Maybankard Treats On-Chip is an electronic loyalty programme that changes the way loyalty programmes are administered. When customers pay using their Maybankard credit card, the loyalty reward is stored on the smart chip. There is therefore no need for any voucher and the rewards can be redeemed immediately."

Ashraf added that the programme will allow merchants to offer loyalty programmes at low costs, and allow customers to enjoy special offers and privileges instantly.

More to come Maybank is the first bank in the country to implement the electronic loyalty scheme using the EMV smart chip in its credit cards. The programme also provides shopping and dining loyalty programmes with other participating merchants. Ashraf says the bank will continue to add more programmes to harness the capabilities of the EMV chip on its credit and debit cards.

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