McDonald's Australia also tries wireless internet

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 2, 2003

McDonald's Australia also tries wireless internet

McDonalds Australia has announced plans for in-restaurant wireless internet stations, operating in conjunction with internet service provider, Telstra. The move follows the fast food giant's recent wireless internet roll-out in the USA.

McDonald's is currently in negotiations with Telstra over a significant network of WiFi (wireless internet) outlets at around 600 of its restaurants around Australia.

The WiFi technology allows devices such as laptop computers and PDAs to connect to the Internet without cables, as long as they are equipped with appropriate wireless network cards (which are readily available from computer hardware stores).

Business customers McDonalds Australia has concluded that many of its customers are business people on the road, or high users of mobile data, and sees the partnership with Telstra as a way of taking a market leadership position and anticipating the future communication needs of its customers.

A pilot of the technology is expected to roll out in two restaurants during the next few months, and an 18 month full roll-out of the technology is expected to begin later in the year.

McDonald's CEO, Guy Russo, explained, "This technology will give customers, using their own wireless devices, the opportunity to work online or surf the web while eating at our restaurants."

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