Mediasmart Introduces Connected TV Solution - Enhancing Omnichannel Programmatic Ads

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 31, 2024

CTV Sync elevates brand reach by syncing campaigns across screens for impactful advertising and heightened audience engagement.

[January 30, 2024] – Affle’s mediasmart has enhanced its Connected TV solution as part of its unified programmatic platform for the European and UK markets.

The CTV Sync solution is tailored to help advertisers and brands maximise reach, drive action and measure engagement, seamlessly synchronising campaigns across screens.

The offering aims to redefine how brands engage with audiences in the connected age, bringing the household to the forefront, and enabling companies to create a unified and impactful brand presence.

While viewers enjoy personalized content on their schedule, CTV advertisers benefit from precise targeting, reduced ad waste, and real-time analytics for campaign optimization. CTV ads thrive in a brand-safe environment and reach a highly engaged audience.

mediasmart’s CTV Sync now helps marketers and brands to unlock the full potential of CTV. It enables them to craft captivating ads, harmonise messages, measure interactions, and drive app marketing or store visits, - contributing to Marketing success across screens.

Kelly Leonard, VP of Europe, mediasmart said, “There’s been a shift in the way content is consumed and ads are delivered, driving further innovation on the big screens and facilitating consumer engagement across multiple touch points. Connected TV stands at the forefront of this evolution and it’s reshaping the narrative of television viewing and advertising in unprecedented ways.”

mediasmart’s CTV offering includes:

- CTV with Household Sync

Effortless interactions with audiences for increased brand impact by syncing ads on CTV with ads on other devices in a household, resulting in higher volumes and lower CPMs.

- CTV App Sync

High-impact CTV ads leading to measurable impact on mobile app downloads & engagements. App performance and campaign efficiency can be maximised by adding incremental reach on CTV with unified measurement by leading MMPs.

- CTV Creative Sync

Powerful formats to help leverage brand recognition and engagement on CTV. CTV Ad Builder Platform makes video ads more engaging and impactful for the CTV user.

- CTV Offline Sync

Measure campaign impact offline and help build strong brand identity through cohesive messaging, targeted reach, and unified customer journeys.

With a growing demand for content served via the internet, Connected TV advertising is set for rapid growth in Europe.

mediasmart’s CTV Sync is a global solution available immediately to all existing and new mediasmart customers. The company currently operates and has active campaigns in countries based across APAC, LATAM & Europe.

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