Metro Cash & Carry to expand digital loyalty programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 9, 2015

Metro Cash & Carry to expand digital loyalty programme

Last year Metro Cash & Carry, the wholesale division of Metro Group, launched a digital loyalty programme for its professional customers, including hotels, restaurants, catering services, small retailers, offices and independent businesses. Now the company is planning to develop the programme to the next level, making it more attractive with additional services and partner benefits.

According to Igor Bagnobianchi, Head of Loyalty programme CRM at Metro Cash & Carry, unlike short-term stamp programmes, the programme allows Metro to develop deeper long term relationships with its professional customers.

It allows the company to address individual customer groups in a more customised way, and to personally offer them additional benefits when they reach status upgrades.

Customers collect digital loyalty points each time they visit Metro stores. They can also earn extra points in other ways, for example: welcome points, personal anniversary points, points on purchases of selected articles, or for special supplier offers, days and repeat purchase initiatives.

Members can redeem points for cash back, gifts or added services. Their points balance is printed on each invoice and can also be found online in a designated area of the website.

By January 2015, more than 1.6 million customers were already using the programme.

The programme currently operates in Russia, Bulgaria, India, Italy, Turkey & Ukraine, and it is set to launch in another six countries, including China and France, this year. The programme is scalable and can be adapted to local market conditions and strategy.

In December 2014 Metro conducted an 11-country survey to reveal which additional features and services would best support the day-to-day business of participating members. Metro Cash & Carry is an international wholesaler operating in 26 countries with over 750 markets.

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