MFS Living & Leisure launches loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 29, 2007

MFS Living & Leisure launches loyalty scheme

The Australia-based leisure business operator MFS Living and Leisure Group has announced a new loyalty programme allowing its security holders to experience the Group's ski, aquarium and tree-top walkway attractions at discounted rates.

According to CEO, Marshall Vann, the programme was conceived and created to encourage security holders to enjoy the group's assets in person, and to reward their loyalty to the group.

Conditions apply The loyalty programme discounts are available to all security holders who own a parcel of 3,000 or more securities purchased before 30th March 2007, and held until at least 30th April 2007. In future years, the vouchers will be available (starting from 15th March) to investors who have owned securities for a minimum of three months.

Approximately 80% of the company's security holders will be eligible to participate in the loyalty programme, Vann told The Wise Marketer. A booklet of discount vouchers will be distributed to those who qualify during May 2007.

All-year round redemption A key feature of the programme is that security holders can redeem their leisure vouchers all year round, even during peak skiing and tourism seasons. According to Vann, "We didn't want to offer a token discount programme. Instead we wanted to provide excellent value and clearly demonstrate how we value the loyalty of our security holders."

The combined face value of the discount booklet exceeds US$1,000, and there are no blackout periods, as the company is keen for programme members to be able to experience its attractions at any time of year.

"We believe our security holders are our best ambassadors and we have put together a strong offer spread across each of our leisure businesses to encourage patronage both domestically and offshore," Vann concluded. "And we are also interested in our investors' feedback and suggestions."

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