Millennials: they like to save money too!

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By: RickFerguson |

Posted on May 4, 2016

Because we at the Wise Marketer are congenitally incapable of not relaying the results of any survey involving Millennials, the Most Important Generation that Ever Lived, here's another one: According to a new survey from Valassis, Millennials are just as likely as Gen-X or Baby Boomer consumers to use print coupons. Millennials! They want want everything to be digital. Except when they don't.

The Valassis "2016 Coupon Intelligence Report: Savvy Shoppers Provide Reality Check� compares consumer buying behavior across generations. The report reveals that Millennials are not only using print coupons at similar rates as average consumers, but are also using them at rates that have increased more than any other generation in the last year.

When it comes to millennials� shopping behavior, the report found:

  • Millennials are savers: 47% of millennials say they increased their use of coupons in the past year, a rate 14% higher than all respondents and 21% higher than baby boomers.
  • Millennials use print coupons: 85% use coupons delivered in the mail; 82% use coupons delivered from the newspaper coupon book; and 34% of millennials report an increase in mail coupon usage, significantly higher than gen X and baby boomers.
  • Millennials are digitally charged: Millennials actively download paperless discounts to their store ID/loyalty cards wherever they are - 75% before they enter and 73% in the store. This compares to 62% of all consumers who download savings before they enter the store and 55% while in the store; and 41% of millennials have increasingly gone to the Internet to find coupons compared to 29% of all consumers.

The Bullet Point: Millennials! They're just like us olds! Except when they aren't. Perhaps it's time we started to think of Millennials as a collection of individuals instead of a monolithic block of consumers who move in lockstep. Just a thought.

You can download a full copy of Valassis report here.

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