Mini builds relationships through personalised billboards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 9, 2007

Mini builds relationships through personalised billboards

In the USA, RFID technology provider Wavetrend has teamed up with advertising agency BSS&P to support the launch of Mini USA's new contactless technology-based 'Motorby' marketing campaign, which uses RFID key fobs and electronically personalised billboards at the roadside.

The Motorby programme, featuring RFID-enabled key fobs and so-called "talking billboards" in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami, aims to enhance the Mini driving experience through personalised communications with Mini drivers.

Using active RFID technology (a short range, contactless chip in the driver's key fob that can broadcast a unique driver ID number to roadside billboards) the billboards can deliver an ever-changing range of personal, playful and unexpected messages targeted to and triggered by Mini owners as they drive past.

Marketing meets RFID Wavetrend partnered with BSS&P to provide Mini with a complete, end-to-end solution, including the system design, business case, ROI model, hardware (RFID readers, antennas and custom-designed tags), software, integration and support services.

According to Kate Alini, Marketing Communications Manager for Mini USA, "Wavetrend has provided a customized solution that will enable us to reach out to our community in a fun, engaging, dynamic and personalised way." The Motorby programme is currently being introduced to Mini customers through a national, multi-media advertising and promotional campaign.

Opting in Mini owners who choose to opt-in to the programme are encouraged to visit the Mini Motorby web site where they will be asked to answer a series of questions about themselves and - most importantly - how they feel about motoring and their Mini.

Some questions are as straightforward as a birth date while others are more detailed, such as "What adjective best describes how you motor?" and "What is your Mini's nick-name?". Those who chose to opt-in will then be issued with an RFID-enabled key fob that fits on a regular Mini keychain.

Read range and privacy With a read range of up to 500 feet, the device electronically (and securely - only when authenticated) can communicate with official Mini billboards as the driver approaches, and this triggers a personalised message that will hopefully entertain and delight the driver. But, importantly, the company stresses that the RFID tags do not contain any user data, and use cryptographic protocols to responsibly maximise privacy.

Motorby dynamically generates customised content for Mini owners carrying the tag, in real-time, based on a number of factors including information provided by the owner, geographical location, time of day, and other data. The billboard displays are standard LED displays and can be programmed to display content in a variety of formats. This allows for flexibility, and could eventually be coupled with other digital media, including rich media and sound.

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