MMA embraces the mobile affiliate marketer

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 24, 2009

In the US, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has created a new membership programme specifically tailored for the affiliate marketer operating in the mobile space.

The MMA Affiliate programme aims to benefit affiliate marketers who follow the association's own Consumer Best Practices and Global Code of Conduct, and who also takes steps to address the increasingly poor user experiences that come from misleading advertising in premium short-code programmes.

According to the MMA, by becoming an affiliate member, companies must agree to follow MMA guidelines, and will in turn receive industry recognition that they abide by responsible self-regulation guidelines.

Affiliate members receive education in recent policy and self-regulatory decisions, insight into MMA initiatives, and a number of networking opportunities. Carriers, content providers, and aggregators alike use the MMA's membership as a trusted pool of acquisition marketers who are well versed in mobile marketing best practices.

At the same time, consumers benefit from a helpful reduction in misleading advertisements that do not always comply with established best practices. The new programme was launched to help reduce existing barriers to growth in the mobile marketing industry while genuinely enriching the consumer's mobile experience.

"By recognising a pre-approved network of affiliates, the aggregators, carriers and content providers can instead focus on new products and services. This initiative provides some assurance that affiliate partners will be focused on consumer protection, which in turn will contribute to the overall development of the mobile eco-system," concluded Alykhan Govani, North American CEO for MMA member MX Telecom.

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