Mobile advertising budgets set to increase

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 18, 2008

Although a recent survey suggested a bleak outlook for advertising spending across traditional media channels, 53% of media buyers said that they expected to raise their budgets for mobile advertising, according to mobile advertising firm Ad Infuse.

Among the insights gathered from the company's recent surveys of agencies, content owners, brands, mobile operators, and vendors, a range of emerging trends suggest that mobile advertising may be an area of increasing interest and growth, and therefore one of increasing spend.

Most valuable metrics
The mobile advertising industry is evolving in terms of its metrics, with ever-greater focus on consumer engagement. For example, brand effectiveness (73%) was considered to be one of the most important metrics, while interaction metrics (66%) were deemed to be as important as click-through rates (66%).

Excitement about the advertising opportunities afforded by mobile video was also among marketers' key areas of interest, with video being among the top advances that respondents felt would have the highest impact on their mobile advertising spending plans. As consumer use of the iPhone and similar devices grows, the industry can be expected to progress more quickly toward the widespread adoption of mobile video.

Leading industries
The entertainment and automotive industries are currently leading the adoption of mobile advertising, with 81% of a recent survey's respondents planning to run a mobile campaign during 2008. In the areas in which they were most likely to do so, entertainment topped the list at 50%, with automotive coming next at 26%.

Approximately half of the US-based marketers surveyed were also interested in advancements in mobile social networking, while UK marketers did not indicate the same level of enthusiasm for the technology. However, the positive results from a recent Ad Infuse mobile campaign in the UK (with Strongbow and Flirtomatic) suggest that the UK market is ready to implement mobile social networking campaigns to engage mobile users.

Finally, one commonly cited barrier to entry into mobile advertising was the need for a better user experience. However, as more advanced mobile devices reach consumers' hands, this demand can be more easily met and user experiences should be less of a hindrance to marketers seeking to begin mobile advertising.

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