Mobile games used to build casino loyalty

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Posted on April 22, 2004

Mobile games used to build casino loyalty

In a bid to build adult gaming loyalty, the Las Vegas-based mobile gaming technology firm, Casino Phone Technologies Ltd., has launch its new 'CasinoPhone' product line for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Samsung Java mobile phones, Microsoft Smartphones, Pocket PCs, and Windows users in Asia and Europe.

The new CasinoPhone software provides physical casinos with the ability to offer their adult consumers access to casino games via their mobile phone or PDA, while still enforcing responsible adult 'm-gaming' practices.

"CasinoPhone is a fully functioning casino carrying your casino brand in your consumers' pocket. If your customers would like to continue to bet on the horses, play classic casino card games, or just try their luck on slot machines once they leave your casino, they can now," explained William Donne, director of business development for Casino Phone Technologies.

M-games with physical rules Customers simply download the games into their mobile device from a casino operator's website, and purchase a prepaid gaming card from the casino. The use of prepaid gaming cards allows the casino operator to employ the same strict age and eligibility checking, security, and accounting best practices currently employed. This effectively eliminates 'problem gambling' and prevents access to minors since distribution is controlled by the casino using its existing rules and regulations.

"Our technology is strictly focused on legally licensed physical casinos that will benefit from increased loyalty and revenue from their customers and visitors," said Donne.

Market value According to Casino Phone Technologies, based on a global mobile gambling market that Juniper Research has estimated will be worth over US$18 billion by 2008, the company's m-gambling engine can deliver innovative entertainment content across multiple platforms and carriers, including 3G and WiFi hotspot service providers. Protocols supported include GPRS, WCDMA, EDGE, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi routers.

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