Most loyalty schemes are going social & mobile

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 17, 2012

Nearly half of loyalty programmes either have a social media or mobile communication-enabled component that's already in place or is in development, according to research by VIPdesk and Banyan Branch.

The research found that 27% of loyalty programme members prefer to use a mobile device to access loyalty programme features, and that 32% of loyalty programmes reward their members with points or other currency for participating in social media or online discussions about the brand.

Despite only 17% of loyalty programmes currently offering their members a mobile application to use when redeeming rewards, another 30% have a mobile app in development, meaning that 47% of loyalty programmes have a mobile app either in place now or coming soon.

The survey was conducted among attendees of a recent webinar which examined how brands can strategically incorporate social media and mobile applications into their loyalty programmes in a way that resonates with their customers and gets results. "The findings are proof that the advent and growth of mobile communication and social media is significantly influencing the ways that consumers interact with the brands with which they do business," concluded Mark Robeson, senior vice president of sales & marketing for VIPdesk.

According to Dave Hanley, founder & principal for Banyan Branch, "When properly motivated and encouraged, a brand's most loyal customers can become its most active advocates. Integrating social media with loyalty programmes and rewards will ultimately allow brands to grow their online conversation and provide deep and interesting content created by those who know them best."

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