Most marketers eager to try Augmented Reality

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 1, 2011

Most marketers eager to try Augmented Reality

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of B2B and B2C marketers say they are considering using augmented reality (AR) technologies, although most are still unsure about exactly how to use it or what its benefits are, according to a study by AR specialist Hidden Creative.

Augmented reality is the term commonly applied to a camera-enhanced view of a physical real-world environment where virtual elements are merged with the real-life scene, creating a 'mixed reality' of virtual elements and the real world. Aside from the obvious personal entertainment applications, the marketing potential for this technology is unquestionably significant.

The company's latest research statistics showed that the top uses for augmented reality in marketing are as follows:

  1. 19% use AR as replacement for standard print literature;
  2. 18% use AR as an additional tool to win pitches;
  3. 16% use AR at events and conferences to draw attention;
  4. 16% use AR to bring online campaigns to life;
  5. 8% use AR to enhance point of sale material.

"Many marketers think that augmented reality is only useful for the initial 'wow factor' but, in fact, there are real commercial uses for the technology that deliver bottom line results and alter the ways in which end users can interact with a company, service or product," explained Matt Trubow, chief executive for Hidden Creative. "We can use this technology to create an immersive brand experience by physically putting a product in the hands of customers and demonstrating how it works."

One company to recently benefit from the use of AR in an event-based marketing campaign was the engineering firm ABB, for which Hidden Creative delivered a total of four augmentations within two custom-built AR kiosks. The company saw the average 'dwell time' of attendees at its trade show event stands increase significantly, along with a 250% rise in business leads and a 451% peak increase in weekly web site hits.

Other organisations such as Channel Five, The Gadget Show, Bass Lures, Netsource, ArtForm, JCDecaux and Ogilvy Digital Labs have also benefited from AR campaigns to help boost their existing marketing collateral, drive web traffic, and enhance customer interactions at events and conferences.

The company's latest report on AR, entitled 'Augmented reality marketing strategies', has been made available for free download from Hidden Creative's web site - click here (PDF document; no registration needed).

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