Mothers spurn social & mobile coupons

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 2, 2010

Mothers spurn social & mobile coupons

Despite signs of economic recovery, 58% of American mothers say they expect to scale back dining out for the rest of this year, and more than half say they will buy fewer brand name items, with more than 40% planning to buy private labels, according to advertising and marketing firm Bohan.

With mothers viewing the economy with greater caution than in previous years, they are becoming much more aware of - and in some cases even addicted to - special offers, deals and coupons. In fact, more than 40% said that they plan to switch stores for lower prices.

According to CEO David Bohan, retailers have spent a long time effectively teaching mothers to shop based on price, and the trend is set to continue. The majority of mothers (84%) said they plan to use coupons, with more than three-quarters saying they will increase their coupon usage this year.

But the majority are not interested in receiving coupons through social networking sites (59%) or mobile phones (74%). Instead, most prefer to receive them through newspapers, mail, e-mail, grocer web sites, and in-store.

While many grocers have added in-store dining and are offering a wide array of prepared foods, most mothers are not interested. The survey found that less than 15% (that is, 10% for in-store dining and 14% for prepared foods) consider such services important.

"Today's mothers, more than anything else, want low prices, a wide variety of brands and rewards programmes that are tailored to their needs," concluded Shari Day, Bohan's grocery team leader. "Although most are not currently interested in mobile coupons, we anticipate that they will warm up to the idea as the technology improves and becomes easier to use."

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