MRG restaurants complete roll out of loyalty system

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 8, 2005

MRG restaurants complete roll out of loyalty system

Metromedia Restaurant Group has now rolled out Fishbowl's Guest Loyalty relationship marketing programme in all four of the MRG chain brands - Ponderosa, Bonanza, Steak and Ale, and Bennigan's.

The roll-out of the programme to more than 540 corporate and franchise locations took two years. Fishbowl's email loyalty platform helps restaurants identify their customers through data capture and hosting, and provides email-based relationship marketing promotions and campaigns, using personalised and relevant communications to build a long-term relationship between the restaurant and its customers. The platform includes multiple touch points that keep members engaged and interacting with the brand between visits and creates reasons to return or share the information with friends. These communications keep the restaurant top of mind, and increase repeat visits and revenues.

Kiosk Customers use an enrolment self-running kiosk in the restaurant to sign up, then receive the Guest Loyalty programme emails including welcome messages, special promotions, and member discounts. Steak and Ale gets a higher redemption rate from its email promotions than other forms of marketing. According to director of marketing, Wendy Bateman, "We believe that the kiosks help generate a higher redemption rate because they establish another connection point with the guest. If a guest takes the initiative to submit information at the kiosk, they are more likely to open, read, and act upon the email they receive."

Metromedia has found that email marketing is a cost effective way to build bridges into the community. The company uses email communications to connect with the local market for special events, fundraisers and other activities that help to build relationships beyond dining. Bennigan's recently launched a father's day essay contest using email and received some four thousand entries, including many referral entries.

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