Multi-brand FSI ad campaigns to move online

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 13, 2003

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands could reach new audiences they may be missing through traditional distribution methods, according to online direct marketing firm, CoolSavings, which has just introduced a new service that delivers multi-brand free standing insert adverts (FSI's) on the internet.

Called 'Multi-brand Events', the firm's new service offering is designed to allow CPG brands to execute strategic online programmes that seamlessly complement their offline marketing efforts. The service provides CPG firms with the ability to extend their print initiatives, either on their own web site or on the site.

While 65% of American households read Sunday newspapers in 2002, and 52.8% read the daily newspapers, more than 71% of the country's population has internet access, according to a recent report by the UCLA Centre for Communication Policy.

Multi-channel needed
"It is becoming increasingly difficult to reach today's consumer through a single media channel," said Matthew Moog, president and CEO for CoolSavings. "The multi-brand events enable CPG brands to layer their promotions and reach not just a new audience but an extremely valuable one."

According to the CoolSavings 2002 US Coupon Trends Report, which was independently conducted by NFO WorldGroup, internet coupon users spend 30% more per week on groceries, across all product categories, than consumers who obtain coupons from the newspaper and other traditional vehicles.

Target, track, and trace
Using the new service, CPG firms can specifically target and track coupon clippers based on geography, demographics, activity, and redemption data. That information can then be leveraged to segment consumer groups for separate re-contact campaigns to further develop relationships. The data can also be used to establish which coupon combinations work best in multi-brand offerings.

"Multi-brand print promotions are popular because they enable CPG manufacturers to pair their power brands with their line extensions to create cross-purchasing and drive new product trials," explained Moog. "Our service extends all the same benefits to the online arena, at a fraction of the cost, and brings data benefits that aren't possible through traditional FSI's."

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