MultiPremios loyalty scheme adds tracking technology

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 26, 2002

MultiPremios loyalty scheme adds tracking technology

Following seven years of its successful Central American credit card-based loyalty programme, 'MultiPremios', Grupo Uno is to begin using AwardTrack software from customer loyalty technology provider, Pass Privilege.

Using AwardTrack, Grupo Uno will manage its MultiPremios loyalty programme, track consumer spending, manage promotional campaigns with cross-selling and up-selling initiatives, and evaluate the return on investment in consumer treatment strategies. The system offers real-time reporting down to financial product or SKU level.

Grupo Uno chose the system because of its technical capabilities, and because Pass Privilege has relevant experience in the field, offering consultancy for customer management among other things. Grupo Uno has a number of customers who use multiple banking services in multiple countries, and have multiple credit and debit cards.

"The management of these customers is an absolute must," said Carlos Payan, CIO for Grupo Uno. "The ability to manage all of this data on a single platform is a very powerful tool."

Complex loyalty AwardTrack was designed with clients like Grupo Uno in mind, due to the complexities of managing customer loyalty initiatives in the financial and banking sector.

Brian Marvin, president for Pass Privilege, explained, "Grupo Uno needed the ability to manage and track all their programme members on a single platform, regardless of country, financial instruments or language. We anticipate a quick deployment that will have an immediate and lasting ROI."

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