Music tracks to help make McLoyal customers

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Posted on June 11, 2004

Music tracks to help make McLoyal customers

Hungry music lovers on both sides of the Atlantic are now downloading free music tracks with each Big Mac Meal they buy in participating McDonald's restaurants.

McDonald's and Sony have teamed up to launch the multi-national restaurant promotion, Big Mac Meal Tracks, which offers an access code for a free song download at the Sony Connect music store for customers buying Big Mac Extra Value Meals at participating restaurants.

The promotion launched on June 8th 2004 in the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada. Sony Europe and McDonald's will also launch the promotion in France, Germany and the UK in early July 2004, and the scheme is expected to roll out to additional countries throughout the year as plans are finalised. During the initial launch, McDonald's anticipates providing millions of customer downloads, potentially making this one of the largest music promotions of its kind.

Access codes The promotion will run for 6 - 10 weeks in the first six participating countries. In the US, Puerto Rico, Canada and the UK, customers buying a Big Mac Extra Value Meal during that time will receive their unique access code printed on the Big Mac sandwich carton. They can then redeem the code for a music track of their choice at the Sony Connect music store online.

In Germany, customers will receive a card with the access code when they buy a Big Mac Value Meal or Big Mac Maxi Value Meal. However, in compliance with French law, McDonald's France will run sweepstakes for Big Mac customers, with music downloads being given away as prizes instead.

Media support McDonald's is supporting the programme with a new global television commercial by Leo Burnett, featuring high-tech special effects and a cameo appearance by pop star Justin Timberlake. The commercial is airing in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada from June 7th, and other countries will follow shortly afterward. Radio advertising, in-store merchandising and special Big Mac packaging will also help to promote the programme.

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