Nectar and Vodafone to part company in August 2005

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 10, 2005

Nectar and Vodafone to part company in August 2005

The UK mobile telecoms operator Vodafone is to stop issuing Nectar points at the end of August 2005, as its partnership agreement with Nectar's operator, Loyalty Management UK Ltd, comes to an end.

The small statement now appearing on Vodafone's web site says: "Vodafone's agreement with Nectar is coming to an end and from 31st August 2005 you will no longer be able to collect Nectar points when you use your Vodafone mobile."

And under the Questions and Answers section of the web site, Vodafone goes a little way toward explaining its withdrawal from Nectar, saying that: "We have taken the decision to focus on delivering customer value through our price plans".

At the time of writing, The Wise Marketer was unable to obtain any response from either company to our other questions on the subject. However, five days later Vodafone clarified its position for us, saying: "Vodafone has been part of the market leading Nectar programme since June 2003 and has seen a positive churn differential between Nectar collectors and non Nectar collectors. However, in the light of Vodafone's internal repositioning to focus on tariffs, several projects are no longer aligned with this strategy. Vodafone's agreement with Nectar will come to an end on December 31st, 2005. Vodafone and Nectar are working closely together to ensure that our joint customers are not inconvenienced by this strategic decision."

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