Nectar launches UK double points promotion

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 21, 2003

Nectar launches UK double points promotion

The operator of the UK coalition loyalty programme, Nectar, has announced a double-point promotion, 'Nectar Multipoints', giving members the chance to earn double the normal number of Nectar points on their shopping.

Planned to run twice a year, Nectar Multipoints will initially be available from April 23rd until May 7th, 2003, and again later on in the year.

In conjunction with the four founding sponsors (Barclaycard, BP, Debenhams and Sainsbury's), the programme's operator, Loyalty Management UK (LMUK), will support the launch of the promotion through television advertising, point of sale activity, and in-store media.

Two of the programme's later sponsors - Thresher Group and Adams Childrenswear - will also support the campaign through in-store promotion and point of sale activity.

Points bonuses All Nectar sponsors will be participating in Nectar Multipoints, with Sainsbury's offering double points for every £1 spent over £25 in a single supermarket or petrol transaction.

Barclaycard will be offering double points on purchases at Sainsbury's, Debenhams, BP, Thresher Group and Adams.

Debenhams will offer double points on every £1 spent in-store, and participating BP outlets will offer double points on all single purchases of fuel over 20 litres (up to a maximum of 100 litres).

Additionally, participating Thresher outlets will offer double points on all purchases over £10. Adams Childrenswear will be offering double points for every £1 spent, regardless of the total transaction value.

LMUK's marketing director, Richard Campbell, explained the rationale behind the promotion: "Nectar Multipoints will give collectors a boost and something to look forward to twice a year. It has been designed to help collectors maximise their points more quickly, and redeem for rewards sooner."

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